Travel Nursing Assignments
Every travel nurse dreams of that particular travel nursing assignment.

For some, it is an assignment that will allow them a few days hanging at the beach on some tropical island, while for others, it is the adventure that comes with roughing it in the most unlikely places. Opportunities in nursing compact states can give you unique experiences!

Some nurses, however, don’t mind the location as long as they go home with the big bucks.

Whatever your idea of the ideal travel nursing assignment, there are a few tricks to landing the best one, and we will look at some of them in this article.

Be prepared for the opportunity.

You are one of many rooting for the best travel nursing engagements in the agency. Even if your idea of the perfect nursing assignment is unique, you will likely find one or two people angling for the same position.

Making yourself stand out among your colleagues is vital to capture your dream job destination. Which is why you have to meet the necessary certifications and requirements. If you’re better certified, experienced, and have skills in a particular field, getting the juiciest of assignments will be easier. Remember, specialty jobs are not only in high demand, but they also pay more, but to get them, you have to be perfect for the job description.

Consider crisis rate assignments.

If you define the best travel nursing assignment as one that pays big bucks, you may want to consider crisis rate assignments.

Don’t let the known throw you off, though. While it is true that crises do happen in these jobs, it is not always the case. Crisis rate assignment is just a term used by agencies and hospitals to describe a work rate that is higher than normal but pays well.

There are many reasons why an assignment can be termed a crisis rate, such as when a brand new unit is launched in a hospital, when there is a need to cover for the staff shortage, or when it is difficult to get nurses with a particular set of skills.

Beyond the high pay, these assignments are just like any other, but they tend to be strict on start and end dates. Plus, some crises will occur during the assignment. That said, this is a highly competitive role, after all, who doesn’t want to work or more pay?

Join agencies known for transparency and high pay.

Every travel nursing agency is different, not just in its organizational structure but also in its pay packages. Unfortunately, not every agency will disclose its compensation package and take-home pay.

If you want to land the best nursing assignments, whether in terms of location, assignment, or pay, you should sign up with a travel nursing agency that is transparent in its dealings. When you work with such an agency, you know what you are getting into with each assignment from the start, and you can easily decide if the position is correct for you.

Get the necessary nursing licenses.

You must work as a travel nurse with the proper license. In fact, this is an essential part of travel nursing.

If you have your eyes set on an assignment in a particular state or location, you should immediately start getting the license needed to work as a nurse in that state. In most cases, your travel nursing agency can help with this.

It can be advantageous to hold valid licenses to work in multiple states. This makes it easy to get the chance to work anywhere you want rather than being restricted to just where you are licensed to work.

Work with multiple agencies.

Finally, unless your contract states otherwise, working with more than one travel nursing agency may be a good idea.

Remember that travel nursing agencies are all different, and even though they all work in the same industry, one may have the connections to get good assignments, while another can only get lean pickings.

If you work with multiple agencies, you may be able to pick and choose as you see fit, giving you access to a range of travel nursing assignments.

Working with multiple agencies will definitely increase your opportunities.

However, you must be open and honest about your affiliations. Do not pit one against another.

Even if you don't accept an assignment from one, always make sure to keep in touch because you will likely have to work with them sometime in the future.