The free version of the EaseUS Data Recovery is excellent software facilitating data restore from Windows-compatible devices. You can restore the entire data from a desktop or laptop with Windows OS using this software. In comparison to other software of its kind, it serves the best in terms of data restoration in case the data gets deleted or formatted.

Scenarios in which the software can recover data

  • Deleted data- Software is well built with its extensive tools that help to recover data even if you have mistakenly deleted the files using the "delete" button or by pressing "Shift+Delete" or perhaps have deleted it from the "Recycle Bin" also.

  • Partition restoration- Restoration of the data in the partition of the disks is essential, and any data which gets deleted, RAW files, lost or inaccessible must be recovered. This software successfully recovers all such data without any hassle

  • Formatted data- data which are formatted by the choice of the user or accidentally can affect the user in many ways. Some data/files may be important in the future and in case of accidental formatting, the data/file recovery becomes very important. The software can swiftly recover HD data recuperar dados hd which gets formatted.

  • Data present in External/Internal storage devices- Storage devices generally have bulks of data which, if lost, can create an unpleasant and undesirable situation for the owner. Therefore the data recovery recuperação de dados for such devices or HDDs becomes very critical. With the help of this software, one can retrieve data from a nearly dead external or internal storage device.

  • Emergencies- case of some unwanted situations arises where the system might crash, or some virus or severe boot failure might attack a file may occur, so it becomes very important, and the software plays a crucial role in retrieving the files or lost data.

What more does the software offer?

The software has more to offer besides its excellent feature of retrieving data. Some of these extra benefits of the software are listed below

  1. The process of recovery of data scanning can be scheduled, that is, can be initiated, paused, and resumed at any point of time during data retrieval.
  2. "Tags" is a feature which groups files of similar type like audio, photo and document so that they can be located easily.
  3. The algorithm for scanning the drive/system for data restoration is very efficient and comes in 2 forms, namely Quick scan and Deep scan.
  4. Scanning and recovery can be done side by side as you can recover data that has been traced at any point in time and do not need to wait for the entire scan to complete.
  5. To have a proper integrity check, you can also preview the files before recovery, and the software allows you to do that without any hindrance.
  6. The software also can repair corrupted jpeg/jpg pictures and mp4/mov videos.
  7. The software can recover more than 1000 types of files.


The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes with some fascinating features which you recover your lost data easily. The process of recovery is also straightforward and follows only three steps where the user needs to select the recovery location, scan it for recoverable files, and finally recover them.

Up to 2 GB of data can be retrieved using the free version of the software. Also, the software is safe, and light, and the setup file is only around 40MB in size and with no additional plugins. Along with free tech support, 30 days money-back policy is also guaranteed by the software.