The festive red and white colors are soon to approach this year. what are your preparations for Christmas 2019 this time? If you have been planning to take a tour with your family, we have got the list of the best places that you can visit at budgeted price in India. After all, the festival of Jesus Christ must be filled up with happiness, celebration, decorations and learning new things.

Here are the best places you can visit in India for Christmas -

1. Shillong

We are starting the list with a beautiful city in Meghalaya that has a majority population of Christians. In fact, people celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ with tremendous amount of Glory and pomp at this place. You would love to indulge in the midnight crowds that have their way ahead to the churches. Also, the bands playing typical Christian music give the goosebumps of celebration. Shillong is sure to double up your excitement for Christmas this year. Book a hotel in Shillong using the Oyo referral code and enjoy massive discounts on your trip.

2. Kolkata

Kolkata holds a very strong and strange relationship with Christmas. Despite the fact that there are just a handful number of Christians in the place, the celebration reaches its own level. The delicious cakes, decorated Streets, shopping malls and the entire town has an overflowing zest for Christmas. All the bakeries in Kolkata sell special Christmas cakes during the festive season. Also, the Hogg market has hawkers selling all the varieties of Christmas stuff starting from the Christmas Trees till the typical Christmas costumes. The churches are illuminated and the entire City indulges in the holy celebration.

3. Goa

Known for the excellent way of celebrating Christmas, perhaps the best place in India to celebrate Christmas is none other than Goa. The humongous Catholic population is definitely going to give you a gripping celebration. Enjoy the beautiful lights and Christmas themes throughout the city that attract people from all around the world. Learn an entirely new way to celebrate Christmas at Goa.

4. Kollam

Kollam follows age old traditions for Christmas celebrations. Here you would find both elder and younger generation initiating different rituals as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. The beautiful towns located in the banks of ashtamudi Lake have the most magnificent churches. You would love to see the Infant Jesus Christ Cathedral and happiness level of the people in this city. People take the younger generation to the boats in order to introduce them to the sea. More than a Joyride, it is a part of Christian tradition at Kollam that you would love to analyse.

5. Shimla

If you are looking forward for some snow landen winter Christmas, just pack bags for Shimla right away. The unbeatable romantic destination has snow draped vistas and awestruck decorations. Enjoy visiting the historic British era castles and mighty palaces. The period of Christmas celebration takes the beauty of the city at the next level. In fact, Shimla is a place for neo Gothic landmark that is identified as the second oldest church in North India. The place receives a lot of snowfall during the Christmas season which makes it ideal for celebration.

Romantic Grandeur in shimla provides the most soulful environment to the newly married couple. Also, if you are planning to take your children along, just indulge in diy snowballs games and embrace the enthusiastic environment of this place.

Final words

Apart from taking up the above-mentioned suggestions, you can also try finding out more about out Pondicherry, Bangalore, Sikkim and Manali for Christmas celebration.  Every place has a different variety of decorations and celebrations during the evening. The heralding music represent the birth of Jesus Christ in almost every city. You would easily find Santa Claus hoovering all around the places. Do not let your enthusiasm calm down this year but increase exponentially by visiting some of the best places in India for celebrating Christmas.