Door Hangers Printing

They might not be the most popular option for advertisement, but they are unmatched in their effectiveness. Door hangers have been around for a really long time. They have been used to advertise local businesses such as laundries, restaurants, beauty parlors and the like. If you want to target a local audience, there is no better way of doing it than to print hangers.

They hold special importance for small businesses that do not have a large wallet to spend on advertisements. But how can this tool be so important? And why should you think about using it for your next campaign?

Easy Tracking:

When you are planning your advertisement campaign, you want to check whether it is successful or not. Results are not only necessary for your own satisfaction, they also tell you about how satisfied your consumers are. When you use a Die Cut Door Hanger on doors in different localities, you adopt different mechanisms for evaluating conversions.

Different localities might have different conversion rates. In order to see how different localities are faring, you need to keep proper records of everything. If a locality did not respond to your advertisement well enough, you can investigate the reasons for it. Maybe their preferences are not aligned with your advertisement.

This method can help you create an effective marketing campaign next time.

Hard to Shun:

Hard to Shun
It is way easier to ignore mails from a stack. People might not have the time to read each one of them. But Custom Door Hangers are different. When someone opens or closes the door, they have to deal with them upfront. Hence the extent to which appearance affects the situation is quite different from the rest of the materials.

Anything with this much exposure can never be ignored. Not only the homeowner but everyone passing by sees the advertisement is affected by it.


Since you can Print Door Hangers to deal at the local level, you can target communities for expanding your business. First, you need to investigate the products that a community needs in order to target them accurately.

For instance, if your business is into producing machinery and a locality is fond of lawns, you can advertise your innovative lawnmowers. This is the way how you create an advertisement according to the needs of a community.

It is not a revelation to write that the better you target people, the better returns you will receive.


You can also use different add-ons. Hangers are an excellent way to create the first effective impression. But users might not keep them for too long. One of the reasons could be its size. Since you are not sure about their continued usage, you can add different printed items with them such as a business card.

The advantage of adding a business card is that people tend to keep it in their pockets and wallets. It might not be possible to keep hangers like this. But to contact your business later, they will keep your business card.

Another add-on is a refrigerator magnet. Every household nowadays has got a freezer. When you provide them with sticky magnets, they can paste them on the doors of their fridges and see them every time they want to take something out. This continued exposure is unique to these magnets.

No other product can attract this much sight as they do. And they also last long. People usually do not pluck them away for quite some time so your advertisement and investment stay safe.

Not just the Locality:

It is often thought that Door Hanger Printing is only useful for small localities or localized businesses. This has changed significantly. These are being used by brands nationwide to attract consumers. If your brand has not got many stores in a locality, you can simply invite people to your website.

Once you have them on your website, they will order your products online. Here, having home delivery services are crucial. If someone cannot access your physical stores, you need to provide them your products at their doorstep.

One great way of doing this is to put a unique number on every hanger. You can offer a discount your products if the customer is able to show you the number through a picture. This would mean increased engagement with your advertisement. Enhanced engagement leads to enhanced sales and conversions.

Customers will also be excited and curious about your next campaign if you use this method for advertising. You can either take them to your website or your social media handles. Both work brilliantly. This will ensure that your advertisement in far off areas, where you do not have a physical presence, pays off.


Mails are not a flexible option for advertisement. You have to take care of certain bounds such as size and weight. But with Printed Door Hangers, there are no such limitations. You can even print extra-large sized hangers to take your appeal to the next level. Mails are smaller while hangers give you added acreage to customize them. Different colors and fonts can be tried due to their flexibility. Mail, on the other hand, is limited.

While it is good to be minimalistic, you can take a step further and add extra colors and fonts to beautify hangers.

Hangers for doors can be highly effective for your marketing campaigns. By attracting consumers, they increase your leads and make conversions possible. They are also flexible enough to be used outside your locality. Compliments can also be added to enhance their appeal and make your campaign impactful for a long time.