Egg Wash Substitutes for Baking

When we talk about baking ingredients one of the first things that comes to our mind are eggs. Eggs play different roles in baking. They can be used as leavening agent or for adding shine to the final product. But some of you may not be in favor of using eggs. This can be due to an array of reasons.

One use of eggs in baking is as egg-based wash. Now what is an egg-based wash? This fluid preparation is used for glazing bakery products in bulk like pastries and breads. If you do not want to make use of egg-based wash then you can opt for an egg wash substitute. You have to choose the egg wash substitute depending on the function for which the egg wash substitute is being used. There are different applications of egg washes. It can be used as surface browner or it can be used for binding or it can be used as a sealer to seal a food stuff. You have to opt for the substitute after taking into consideration the application.

Here are some popular egg wash substitutes that you can use in baking:

1. Milk or cream:

One of the best egg wash substitutes is milk or cream. It gives the color that egg will give the product and at the same time, it does not add any unwanted flavor to the baked product. All that you have to do is take milk or cream. Brush this on the dough before you bake it. You will get amazing results.

2. Melted butter and oil

Those of you who like that yummy buttery taste can make use of melted butter as egg substitute. This too can be used with ease. You have to simply brush it on the dough. But the quantity that you use is very crucial. If you end up brushing a lot of molten butter then it will get absorbed by the dough, any you will get very greasy and buttery dough, which may not be very palatable.

One of other fatty ingredient that you can use as an egg substitute is oil. Oil is useful if you want a crunchy crust. However, even here you have to be careful with the quantity that you are using. If you use too much oil, then it will make the dough greasy and there is also a possibility that the crust might get burnt.

If you want to get a golden-brown shine to your baked product then you can try making use of pure olive oil. This oil gives a crispy touch to the finished product.

3. Almond milk:

You can make use of Almond milk instead of traditional milk. This is normally used when you want your pastry to get a dark golden look. Almond milk will not just give that perfect color but it will also help in adding a kind of crunchiness to the pastry.

4. Sweet options:

Now let us explore some sweet options, which can be used as egg wash substitutes. There are 2 options that you may try. One is honey and second is maple syrup. If you want your pastry to have a deep golden color and that typical caramelized crunch then you must make use of honey and maple syrup. But ideally you must make use of these egg wash substitutes towards the end of baking time. This is because both honey and maple syrup burn very quickly.

5. Egg substitute for baking bread:

Another common egg wash substitute that is used is yogurt. Yogurt helps in binding and it also helps in retaining of moisture. Yogurt is usually used in the case of oven baked bread. Another option that you can explore is using malt syrup as egg wash substitute for baking bread. This is also known to give the bread a nutty caramel flavor.

6. Molasses:

Are you looking for an option, which will give a flavor similar to egg, but at the same time you do not want to make use of egg? Then you must try using molasses. It has been found that this substitute will give a flavor, which is similar to egg and at the same time when you make use of molasses as egg wash substitute then you will get a unique taste which is amazing. It must be noted that molasses is mainly used in fruit-based baking.

7. Custard powder:

Now here is a really simple, unique, and tasty egg wash substitute. You can make use of custard powder as an egg wash substitute. You will have to mix the custard powder with water and mix it well to form a smooth mixture. Now this can be used as egg wash substitute. The finishing that you get with custard powder is simply outstanding. You can be rest assured that when you make use of custard powder as egg wash substitute then you will get wonderful end product.

8. Grounded flaxseeds:

Now there will be some of you who may be following a strict vegan diet. This means that there is no place for any dairy products in your diet. This means that you cannot use eggs or milk or cream etc in your baking. For people who follow vegan diet there is one very popular egg wash substitute. This is flaxseeds.

You have to grind the flaxseeds. Now take one tablespoon of these ground flaxseeds. To this add 3 tablespoons of warm water. Now mix the two ingredients thoroughly till you get a thick and smooth paste. You can make use of this paste as egg wash substitute. This paste will give very nice shine and gloss to your pastries and bread.

There can be many reasons due to which one may not want to use eggs in baking. Some people might be allergic to eggs. There will be some who may not want to include eggs in their diet. There will be some people who may not like the taste or the flavor that eggs give to the baked products. In all such cases you can always make use of the above-mentioned egg wash substitutes.