The fact that we live in an extremely busy world is undeniable. However, the importance of being in a demanding career doesn’t supersede the importance of spare time or “me time”. This is when you get a few days or hours off from your main hustle and there’s a myriad of ways you can spend it. When that time comes, most of us like to appreciate ourselves in various ways. For instance, you could take your date or family out, stay at home and binge-watch Netflix, or follow up on your personal projects. For most people, this is also the time to bury yourself in your hobby. And when it comes to spending your spare time creating, nothing beats the feeling of burying yourself in your DIY woodworking project and getting amazing results from it!

But if you’re a woodworking enthusiast, you’ll agree to it that you may not be able to accomplish much without the right set of tools. What you can achieve from your woodworking project and in how long you can do so will largely depend on whether or not you have the right set of tools. Now, speaking of tools, the scroll saw is one of the most essential items you’d want to have in your arsenal if you’re a creative woodworker. According to the guys at, a scroll saw allows you to cut intricate curves, create stunning patterns, and come up with uniquely-shaped craft designs while observing extreme accuracy. It lets you create crafts that you can even establish a brand for! This is enabled by the amazing precision and cutting capabilities of the scroll saw, which makes it an incredible tool to have in your workshop. With respect to flexibility, detail, and pristineness of cuts in woodworking projects, its distant cousins such as the band saw and the power jigsaw are simply a weaker match.

In addition to this, the best scroll saw UK is fast and incredibly powerful, not forgetting how inexpensive the tool is on the market. What’s more, scroll saws are also highly versatile. Depending on the blade you install, it can also be used to cut materials other than wood, including plastic, thin metal, and Plexiglas, just to name a few. But with more bias on DIY woodworking projects, there’s a myriad of ways you can use a scroll saw to neatly exercise your artistry. Without further ado, here are some creative crafts you can make using your scroll saw.

1. Stunning Wooden Bowl

Bowls are among the most essential kitchen utensils, or are they? But forget the usual plastic, melamine, and metal bowls we’re all used to in this age and day. There’s a myriad of reasons you’d want to switch to wooden dishes and kitchen tools, actually. How about making it more artistic and creating your own set of bowls from wood? With a scroll saw in your workshop, this is actually something you can earn extra income from. Provided you choose the right type of wood (and size), you can even make several pieces in a day. What’s more, it could make a perfect gift for your mother, the lady in your life, or anyone else who’s a foodie of sorts.

2. Scalloped Mirror

If you lay your hands on an MDF slab, you could also use a scroll saw to cut it into amazing patterns and attach a mirror on it. The best thing about this material is that it’s quite inexpensive and easy to work with. After creating a scroll scalloped mirror, your end product will be stunning enough to serve as a centerpiece in your living room wall or dining table, and the list of possibilities don’t end there.

3. Artistic Wood-Curved Name Plaques

How cool do names or words look in calligraphy? It may be a different thing altogether on typescripts, but they sure do look extremely appealing when engraved on surfaces such as stone, wood, and metal. Did we mention wood? Well, the mallet and chisel may not give you the precision you’re looking for when creating wood-carved name plaques. The scroll saw makes it super easy, plus you can add some stunning patterns and designs to give it more finesse, attractiveness, and a display of superior artistry. From nurseries and kids’ rooms to living rooms and commercial premises, customized wooden name plaques are ideal for a wide range of applications, meaning that they could earn you an extra buck as well to compensate your effort, time, and creativity.

4. Volkswagen Beetle Car Toy

Volkswagen Beetle Car Toy

Most kids, especially boys, love toy cars so much, they could easily disown a parent for failing to provide them with some. In other words, car toys have many benefits than you can imagine. Now, you can easily make your son or another kid feel so special to you by providing them with a handcrafted toy car. And if you guessed right, nothing makes it easy to create one, then seeing a scroll saw as part of your workshop arsenal. How about making him the iconic car model of Volkswagen Beetle, from wood? Perfectly made, it speaks pure elegance and attractiveness; the kid will remember you for as long as they live… to tell the tale.

5. Wooden Paper Doll

You took care of the boy, got him a DIY VB car toy straight from your workshop? How about a creative surprise gift for his sister, your niece, or your girlfriend’s daughter? At their innocent, tender ages, girls are addicted to dolls… at least most of them are. A scroll saw lets you cut accurate sheets from wood, which can easily be assembled to make a wooden paper doll. It’s cheap, easy, and fun, a project you can accomplish in just a matter of hours and end up with plenty of dolls to give in a girls’ class.

6. Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

Did you know that you can also add some spark into your love life with a scroll saw? Just use your scroll saw and create a stunning picnic basket from your workshop from wood. Make sure you give it a food-safe finish, say carnauba wax, and on your next weekend picnic at the park or on a vacation, use it for some treats such as berries, wine, chocolates, cookies, and snacks. Just the mere thought that you custom-made the basket could be enough to melt her heart out and get her yearning for more of you.

Creativity is limitless, especially when it comes to woodworking. In other words, there are many other creative crafts you can make a DIY from your workshop using wood and your scroll saw. From creative shelf brackets to display elements such as Noah’s ark, utensil-themed trivet, or perhaps a stunning jewelry box, your options are endless. The main trick is to just exercise your creativity and think outside the box.