When we are going to take a trip and we have to catch a plane, one of our biggest concerns is how to get to the airport. In these situations we usually turn to family or friends, but, these are not always available, that is why we usually consider taking our own vehicle. However, when we take this option, it is usually the last one we turn to, we have to leave our car in a parking lot and quickly our first thought is the high cost.

To avoid this, it is advisable that we look for information beforehand in order to decide which parking is best for our needs. In Perth, there are numerous parking that we can find to be able to leave our vehicle.

One of the Perth airport parking companies is Parkos. Parkos works with numerous parking suppliers. The car parks have low cost fees and are personally inspected so maximum security is guaranteed. For our peace of mind, we can know all the information about surveillance. In addition, the changes and returns that may arise at the last minute are totally free.

As we have said before, Parkos works with numerous suppliers so there are many parking lots that we can hire with this company. The Perth airport parking fees are low and can be used for both short and long stays (2 days or more)

We can also choose the type of parking we want, that is if we want it covered or outside. We can also choose between Valet Park and shuttle parking.

The first is to leave our car at the terminal and there we will pick up our car and take it to the parking lot. The day we arrive on our flight, the worker will be waiting for us to deliver our car. If we choose this option, we can contact the company's worker at any time to ask him any questions.

The shuttle parking is that we go directly to the parking lot, park it and from there we will be transferred by a shuttle bus directly to the terminal. This transfer service is completely free and, the day we return, the shuttle will be waiting for us at the place we agree to direct us to the parking lot. In this case, we can decide whether to leave our car keys or not.

We can also hire other services such as car wash. On the Parkos website, we can also access the “plan your route” link to plan the fastest access to the Perth airport. However, there may be certain unforeseen changes that make us change the route and, therefore, there are alternative routes. All this will make us less stressed and everything flows normally.

In short, in order to be calm during the entire stay during our trip, it is necessary to use enough time to plan and, thus, to find a parking lot that fits our personal and economic needs