Get lag and crashes all the time, can not play the beloved game, can’t open the app, etc. They are just some of the common problems that desktop users often get while using BlueStacks. Because of this annoyance, many people are trying to get rid of BlueStacks on their devices. No matter what your trouble is, if you want to remove BlueStacks on PC, this article is definitely made for you. In today’s post, our team will show you how to uninstall BlueStacks.

How to uninstall BlueStacks 

Uninstall BlueStacks completely on Window

1. Navigate to Control Panel
You can do it by clicking on the Start Menu icon at the bottom left corner or press the Window button on the keyboard. Next, click on Control Panel

2. After that, click on Uninstall a program 
Step 2 of how to remove BlueStacks

3. Next, find BlueStacks App Player and double right-click on it

Find the application

4. A pop- up box will appear and ask whether you want to uninstall or not. Select Yes to uninstall
Start the uninstallation

5. Wait a few seconds till the uninstallation ends, you will see the notification. Click OK
Select OK

6. After that, to get rid of all BlueStack related files and folders, press the button Window + R on your keyboard, then type %temp% at the pop-up box

Delete the relevant files/folders
7. You’ll see a range of files and folders appears, delete all of them 

Uninstall BlueStacks completely on Mac

1. Access Finder, then click on Applications and find BlueStacks App Player

2. Right-click on BlueStacks App Player and select Move to Trash, or you can simply drag its icon to the Trash
Move BlueStacks to Trash

3. After that, Right-click on Trash and select the option Empty Trash 
Empty Trash

Note: Unlike Windows, on Mac OS after moving app to the trash, the system will automatically remove all the relating files and folders. This process is irreversible, so think twice before conducting it.

Alternative emulators for BlueStacks

So if you still want to use the Android app on the desktop without BlueStacks, the following emulators may meet your satisfy your needs.


Similar to BlueStacks, this emulator can run seamlessly on both Mac and Windows. It does contain many impressive control options such as sketchboard and joystick. Besides, NoxPlayer is considered as one of the most stable emulators right now. Also, users don’t have to pay for any charges to use Android apps and play games on Nox.


This emulator is compatible with many chipsets such as Nvidia, Intel, and AMD. Besides, MEmu allows you to install apps on both Play Store and APK providers such as apktoVi and apktot. This program also supports various interesting features such as keyboard mapping, screen record, etc. Most importantly, like BlueStacks and NoxPlayes, MEmu is totally free to download and install.

The last word

So far, you’ve given two ways to remove BlueStacks on PC. I hope that this information above will be useful to you. If you have any questions relating to uninstalling BlueStacks on PC or Mac, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Thanks for reading the article.