Despite being ultimately owned by the same company, the Skoda Octavia 2019 model and the latest Volkswagen Golf are in hot competition. Both offer a great value proposition, and they have certain to appeal to many Aussie drivers. But, how can you separate the two and which car would best suit your needs? Let’s take a closer look at the Skoda Octavia and the VW Golf to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Both Models at a Glance

The Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia
The latest Skoda Octavia models offer a beautiful sporty drive that many drivers will enjoy. The Skoda Octavia price is extremely competitive in the segment, and this will undoubtedly be a consideration for budget conscious drivers. Some may not like the new look (it tends to grow on you), and there are a dizzying array of option packs to choose from.

The Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf offers excellent ride comfort, high quality materials, and good value for the premium pricing. Some drivers may not like the conservative styling features. The diesel engine is quite loud, and the petrol engine only uses premium unleaded fuel.

A Brief Overview

A Skoda Octavia Overview

The 2019 Skoda Octavia in Perth offers the car buyer a pragmatic car that has a wide range of available option packs to tailor the car to meet a budget. Some drivers don’t like the changes made to the front end, but if you can look past the looks or learn to love them, there is a great deal to like under the skin. There is a choice of a five door hatch that looks more like a sedan and a five door wagon. The Skoda Octavia wagon is the most popular body style sold here, and there is the new Sport trim line. The engine is a 2.0 litre turbo diesel with a fuel efficiency of 4.9L/100km combined.

A Volkswagen Golf Overview

Volkswagen Golf
There have been seven generations of the VW Golf, and more than 33 million have been made over the last 40 years. So, it’s fair to say that the VW Golf is a popular car with an enduring appeal. The latest Golf 7.5, as the name would suggest, is a significant upgrade to the 7th generation models. Around 200,000 units have been sold here in the last 15 years, and this is the leader in the segment. To inject new life into the model and earn the 7.5 moniker, Volkswagen has added some new design tweaks and a bunch of technology upgrades. The engine is a 1.4 litre turbo that uses premium unleaded petrol, and this has a fuel efficiency of 5.2L/100km combined.

The Best Picks

Both the Octavia and the Golf have many variants to choose from, and this can make it a real challenge to make a final choice. Let’s take a look at our choice for the model in each range that hits that sweet spot in terms of features and price.

The Skoda Octavia Sport Wagon

The Skoda Octavia Sport wagon uses the same 110TSI drivetrain found on the base model. But, the tweaks to the design and chassis make it a great choice if you want to stand out from the rest of the range. Any driver that wants an RS wagon that’s a little out of their budget should really take an Octavia wagon out for a test drive.

The Volkswagen Golf 7.5

The Golf 7.5 is a fantastic package, and this model is sure to generate interest in the competitive small car segment here in Australia. The entry-level model offers the best value proposition with access to great driving dynamics, a responsive drivetrain, and the keenest Golf driveaway price.

Comparing Design Philosophies

The Skoda Octavia

Many people don’t like the new Skoda Octavia models, primarily because of the changes at the front end. The dual headlight cluster is a dramatic departure from the outgoing model, but many people find that the look grows on them over time. Certain colour combinations seem to work better than others, and it’s fair to say that the red bodywork combined with a black grille is a real head-turner.

The Sport model has a series of black pinstripes that catch the attention, and the wagon design is more attractive than the hatch. If you really want to take a step up in terms of style, you can get the new Mazda 6 for about the same money.

The Skoda Octavia dimensions vary a little between the hatch and the wagon and the standard models versus the RS variants.

  • The hatch is 4,670mm long x 1,814mm wide and 1,461mm tall. 
  • The wagon is 4,667mm long x 1,814mm wide and 1,465mm tall.
The dimensions in the hatch and the wagon are generous enough to provide a roomy cabin for the five occupants. The cabin is smart, functional, and well thought out for the driver and passengers alike.

The VW Golf

There are three different VW Golf variants; they are the hatch (we all know this one), the compact wagon and the all-wheel drive Alltrack. The styling on the Golf 7.5 hasn’t changed much compared to the 7th generation models with only a slight revision on the front bumper, a new pair of headlights and a set of revised front guards. At the rear, there is a revised rear bumper and LED tail-lights have been implemented across the entire lineup.nThe wagon is a nice addition to the range with a roof that flows effortlessly into the poised rear end.

The cabin in the Golf is a nice place to be, with a new 8” infotainment screen and mirroring for full WiFi connections to your devices. The cabin has a premium feel with a simple cabin layout that is unchanged from the outgoing models.

In Conclusion

The Skoda Octavia is a fantastic purchase if you can afford the option packs to tailor your purchase. The Volkswagen Golf is a more premium offering with the pricing to match. Take each for a test drive to discover which will suit your needs best.