Custom Suit and Off-the-Rack Suit


If you hear the term custom suit, what is your first thought? If you're like most of us, you think of better quality than an off-the-rack suit. But is it better? Does paying more guarantee you a better fit and more stylish option?

Is it always more expensive to buy a custom option? If so, is it worth the extra expense? Or can you settle for a man’s suit off the rack with confidence?

In this post, we'll look at the differences between the two options. We'll let you decide whether special occasions and events warrant spending the extra money.

Difference Between Custom Suit and Off-The-Rack Suit

Off the rack, options are made to be more generic. The idea is that they should appeal to a wide variety of men in different shapes and sizes. They tend to follow current fashion trends and colors.

But don't expect to find too much variation from the norm. If you're looking for something with a lot more character, you'll need to consider custom options.

The aim is to create high volumes of items to sell.

Custom suits come in two main types:

  • Made to measure: Here, a tailor uses an existing pattern to fashion your suit on. He'll adjust the design to fit you correctly.
  • Bespoke: This is a more complicated process. The tailor makes the entire suit from scratch, according to your measurements. You'll need to visit for several fittings and expect to pay a lot more.
The aim here is to give you the broadest range of choices. Choose between plains and prints and different styles.

Benefits of Custom Suit

A made-to-measure suit fits your body like a glove. The tailor will take several measurements to ensure that everything fits as it should. It's cut from an existing pattern, so there are fewer customization options.

Using a pattern isn't a problem unless you want a specialized lapel design or more pockets. You can choose from a range of fabrics and prints to get the look you want.

Made-to-measure tailors often work through online stores. They need to see you in person, but they can save money by not having a high-end showroom. Their products are a bit cheaper than other forms of custom suits.

Interestingly enough, though, a custom suit could be a cheaper option than buying an off-the-rack designer suit. Cost savings for custom suits become evident when you factor in the cost of alterations.

Bespoke suits can be made up of whatever style and fabric you like. Choose a racy plaid if you want, or opt for an unusual color, like gold or purple. Just get your cheque book ready. These options are expensive.

On the upside, the bespoke and custom tailors usually use fabrics of a higher quality. They pay more attention to details like stitching. These suits, if cared for properly, will last a lifetime. To know more, visit Ascot Tailors.

Benefits of Off-the-Rack Suit

For those ordinary mortals who have no choice but to choose off the rack, don't despair. You might be paying less, but you could still get excellent quality. With a suit, the cut and finish are essential to get right. If your tailor is terrible, it doesn't matter what fancy materials he uses.

Off-the-rack options are designed to fit the average man. If you're chunkier than usual, you'd have to go up a size. If you're skinnier, you'll have to go down a size. The downside is that you'll probably have to pay for tailoring.

The upside is that the process is a lot faster. You can walk into a store today and walk out with your suit in hand. Another benefit is the price. As long as you're not buying a designer label, you'll save on the cost of the suit. You can check out a new collection of Men's suits here if you're looking for high-quality off-the-rack suits.


In conclusion, don't assume that custom options are necessarily better. Custom suits are only as good as the tailor that makes them. If you decide to go this route, be prepared to look for an excellent tailor. They cost more, but the results are worth it.

It's also not wise to assume that off the rack always means cheaper. Off-the-rack designer options can cost more than custom suits. Companies often use lower-quality fabrics in making off-the-rack suits, which can reduce their useful lifespan.