custom suits

When you think about the expenses for taking care of your custom suits then we think of the initial purchase, and alterations. Suits must be taken well cared so that it last longer and look better as time passes. In this guide, we are discussing how to take care of your custom suits.

Whether it is first suit or it’s a custom garment you must be looking after your investment. A good suit project a deliberate image to the world. There, to make sure that must take care of your custom suits New York. There are two key suit-care areas such as cleaning and storage.

It’s easy to keep your suits in good care. Let’s discuss about how to take care of your custom suits.

1. Use Quality Coat Hangers

Do you have right ones of your size? The correct size protects shoulders and enable jacket to drape correctly during hanging and keep in a better shape.

The black hangers are wide and thick. Using thin and sharp hangers may affect the shape of the garment. Furthermore, there’s not any benefit of using wooden hangers until and unless they are made from untreated cedar.

2. Create Garment Bags and ample Closet Space

Your custom suit jackets require more storage space due to large coat hangers. It’s quite important to offer sufficient space for your custom suits so that you can drape them correctly during storage. If they are packed closely, then garments get wrinkle. Also, if they’re too close, air won’t be able to circulate that can lead to building of humidity and will damage the fibers. Furthermore, we advise to store all suits and jackets in garment bags to prevent from dust and moths.

3. Using Cedar Blocks & Shavings

  • Using cedar has three key benefits:
  • It acts as a natural moth repellent
  • It absorb residual moisture
  • Cedar provides a pleasant scent on textiles

Did you know that one moth can lay more than 100 eggs? As a result, these critters can feast on your custom suits or bespoke suits nyc. If you have the moth issue, cedar would not cure it. It is best to have all the clothes cleaned or frozen. Both of the techniques expose clothes to extreme temperatures that kill the larvae. After this step, vacuum them regularly and get moth traps if required. Cedar blocks will lose the odor for a while. Therefore, you can use few drops of cedar essential oil.

4. Correct Suit Cleaning Practices

The main problem these days is liberal use of dry cleaning for keeping your suits in good condition. Although, you must go for it if you have a nasty stain, you must not really need to get a suit dry-cleaned more than twice in a year. Dry cleaning in excess can actually cause your suits to degrade as chemicals damage natural fabric fibers and reduce quality and the longevity of your custom suits New York. Furthermore, one must not wear a suit more than once in a week as the fibers require time to rest between wearing.

5. Use a Horse Hair Brush

You must get a horsehair brush and give suit a gentle once-over. This removes lint and other gunk from fibers so that they can last longer and protect your investment. After every use, a quick 60 second brush-down is sufficient.

6. Use a Garment Steamer or Iron

A quick steam is optimal. If steaming is best for special occasions or to remove wrinkles from fabric. If you do not have access to the steamer, hang your suit in bathroom during a hot shower and it help to relax the fabric’s fibers, dropping the wrinkles. Steaming is also good to get out some types of particle-based stains. If you have the oil-based stain, put some talcum powder on it to draw it out. If both of these tricks fail, this is when dry cleaning is the best solution. After all, if you try to get rid of a stain by yourself, you may make it worse.

7. How often to wear a bespoke suits nyc.

It is essential to rotate your suits. The fabric requires time to recover, and allow this to happen will increase the lifespan of suit greatly. After wearing a suit the entire day, it picks up dirt and moisture from the body and air’s humidity. While the dust is removed by using a brush, the moisture requires to be allowed to leave naturally. You can allow the fibers to relax after using by hanging for at least 24 hours. This airing is all that’s required to get the custom suit back into the optimal drape.

So, these are the tricks to guide you for taking care for custom suits.