A durag is usually defined as a scarf worn by men to protect their hairstyle overnight. It is a kind of hair maintenance device used by men to prevent their hair from getting messed up while sleeping.

A durag helps men in preserving brushing in hair. A man with cornrows that is braided hair near the scalp is maintained wearing a durag. A durag averts frizz, friction, and flyaways in the hair.

The durags have become a fashion statement nowadays. It is most popular among athletes and rappers. The demand for stylish durags has risen all over the world.

Wearing durag has various benefits. Visit Durag Zone to search for durags in different fabrics like silk, velvet and silk satin. The durags are considered as hair grooming kit which keeps the braided hair neat and locked. Speaking of silk, visit Taelor Boutique to get your own silky durags.

Originally, the durags were worn by African and American men but now it has become trendy headwear among all men.

Some of the benefits of wearing a durag:

The durags are not simply headwear but it is a cool and stylish hair accessory for men. The popularity of durags has increased and their sales enhanced on major e-commerce websites.

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The main benefits of wearing a durag are:
    Preserves 360 Waves: A durag helps in preserving your favourite 360 waves. The hair growing outwards is an issue when you have curly and wavy hair. Thus by the use of durag, hair is trained to stay flat on your head.
    Improves Texture of Hair: Due to pollution, hair tends to get dry and rough as moisture evaporates. Thus, wearing a durag after applying hair cream, oil and other products will keep your hair smooth and healthy.
    Prevents Eye Irritation in Summer: Excessive amount of sweat is released from the scalp while working in summers. When the sweat reaches your eyes, it causes discomfort. Durag prevents eye irritation.
    Beneficial for Athletes: The long hair keeps blowing on the athletes’ faces when doing exercise or running. Durag averts this situation by keeping the hair locked in one place.
    Minimizes the Exposure of Hair to Sunlight: A light-coloured durag helps in preventing hair from getting damaged under sunlight. If you love taking sunbaths, wear a light shade durag to prevent dullness in hair.
    Keeps Hairstyle Intact: While going for parties make a perfect hairstyle and wear a stylish durag to keep the hairstyle intact.
    For Bikers: Bikers generally face the problem of sweat and sebum secreted from the scalp while going on a long trip. It causes an unpleasant smell. So, durag will protect you from this problem.
    A Fashion Statement: A durag makes you look stylish. You must choose a perfect durag from a variety of designs available. Modern durags have become more like a fashion statement for men. Hence, increase your wardrobe with popular durags.
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