After long hours at work all week, students after boring and lessons and you need to do something to relax. Most of you prefer watching the latest movies on your televisions, laptops, and mobile devices. But the resolutions in these devices can be boring at times, and you feel like you should get a better tool to watch your movies. Movies are meant to enlighten and entertain the audience. It is never enjoyable to watch a filmabout poor resolution screens. It becomes strenuous rather than enjoying the moment.

The Rezx 4K Projector is a high-end product from Veren Industries that aims at redefining the watching experience. It allows you to view sharp images. It is flexible to use the project. The device does not need other tools for its functionality, and it does not require a laptop, phone, or any other external device. The projector is equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen rendering its independent functionality. The invention aims at giving viewers a unique watching experience. It is ideal for use at home, office, school, church events or any other place of the viewer’s convenience.

Rezx 4K Projector is a product from Verencorporation, an organization with a mission bringing valuable technology to its clients. It works towards delivering high performing products in all situations and for every user. The projector is meant to be part of your daily life.

Key features

Built-in web browser

The project is equipped with a built-in web browser that allows you to streamline videos directly from the internet. It gives you an opportunity to get videos from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and other online movie lending websites. It allows you to streamline videos without external connectivity.

It is adaptable with all operating systems

Rezx projector allows you to connect IOS and Android App control options. This increases its flexibility to use. No matter what kind of devices you want to run on the projector, it is effortless.

It has built-in speakers

You may not need to connect external speakers to the projector. You can watch your movie at ease using its built-in speakers. However, you can connect external speakers if you like or use their headphones.

Chargeable power bank

The projector is chargeable and comes with a power bank for use incase you have electricity blackout.

DLP chip

The projector is equipped with a DLP technology, which gives you an experience of viewing sharp images.

Why choose Rezx 4K projector?

  • ·         It is versatile when using the latest digital preferences, and you may require to have an all-digital device that will meet all your needs
  • ·         It is simple and easy to use, as it only requires a simple setup to use.

Rezx 4K Projector gives you an opportunity to stream videos, view images and connect to the internet. The projector is equipped with a DLP chip that uses 4 million mirrors, and it displays total pixels of 8 million, it has the ability to create various and distinct unique pixels within a second. The device is portable and easy to use.