Clothing is a part of non-verbal communication. Ties and knots are part of formal wear. They come in various colours, fabric, cut, and designs.  One notable trend is black bow ties that you can wear to any formal meetup. It sometimes becomes tricky and challenging to choose the right tie, even for veteran tie wearers. Everyone has a different style that suits them best. There are lesser-known facts and rules about how to wear the right tie. Here we will be talking about a few tips to help you decide how to wear the right tie to compliment your style and outfit.

1. Length of the tie

Length of the tie

The ideal length of your tie must always be to your belt line. It should not be longer than the beltline. The idea behind this is purely decorative, i.e., when you tie a tie, it must hide all the buttons of your shirt.

2. Width of the tie

the tie

The length and width relate to the overall look, and this proportion of your tie is an essential point to consider while buying one. The general rule is that the size of the tie must be proportional to the size of the person wearing it. Big and strong men must wear a bit longer tie than one who is medium physiqued.

3. Pairing checks

You can pull off a check shirt with a checked tie if paired nicely. The trick is to pair a small checked shirt with an oversized checked tie. Make sure the tie pattern is larger than the design on the shirt. Choose patterns in a similar colour palette for your shirt and tie.

4. Placement of pin

If you wear a tie bar/pin, wear it at a place that is neither too high nor too low. The tie pin should not be wider than your tie and should be between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt.

5. Shorter Thin tail

You can pull off the perfect tie look by keeping the length of the thin part shorter than the broader region of the tie. If you cannot keep the thin piece more concise, stick the tie tail into the shirt.

6. Under the collar

When wearing a tie, it should not be visible under the collar of your shirt. Wear a jacket over your shirt will cover it up; otherwise, fold the extra into the collar. You can also purchase a widespread collared shirt to avoid this situation.

7. Add a dimple

A dimple in the tie knot is a minor detail that adds life to the entire outfit. Adding a beautiful dimple to your tie shows your effort towards the costume and enhances your personality. It also shows your attention to detail, which is your mature side. Create a dimple with your hands after making the knot, and then secure it by tightening the tie knot.

8. The Windsor Knot

You should know how to tie a tie knot properly. There are different knots for an impeccable look, and you should choose one according to the shape of your face or the occasion. Windsor knot works best for most neck and face types. The Windsor knot is perfect for you if you wear shirts with a wide collar and large knots. It is easy, projects confidence, and is an excellent choice for interviews, presentations, and courtroom appearances.

9. The Four in Hand Knot

The four-in-hand knot is versatile and easy, which is more casual than a Windsor knot. It is an asymmetrical, narrow, and more discreet kind of knot. It suits best for pairing with heavy fabrics and a button-down dress shirt. Though anyone can wear this knot style, it looks good, especially on short neck people, to give a perception of height.

10. Colors talk about your personality

your personality

While choosing the color of your tie, choose wisely. The color of your tie talks a lot about your character too. For example, red is the color of power, love, and passion. Wearing a blue tie shows wisdom, potency, and peace. Yellow is a vibrant colour that says you have a fun and positive outlook on life, whereas orange denotes liveliness and youthfulness. When in doubt, wear a white shirt that goes well with a tie of any colour.

11. Fabrics

Certain fabrics are ideal for a particular season. Spring and summer season is all about linen and cotton ties. They are the best suit for pairing smart-casual outfits and are a big no-no for pairing with power business suits. Depending on the pattern and colour of the tie, you can wear a silk fabric tie all year round. Mix and match fabrics like a linen tie with a cotton shirt to add depth and variety to an outfit.


The above tips will help you raise your style quotient by doing the right tie knot. Getting the tie game straight is just one part of the style of an elegant personality. Complete your outfit based on your character with the right accessories for occasions like events and interviews. The above tips are the essential tips required to get you started. Remember, when you dress right, you feel comfortable and confident.