visit Thailand to rejuvenate your soul

Looking for a trip that will relax your body and rejuvenate your soul as well? Then, Thailand is an excellent option to consider. It has incredible wonders to offer and experiences that are an absolute treat for your senses. Thailand is famous for its food, beaches, jungles, temples, and elephants. There is a lot more to Thailand other than this. There is another way to explore Thailand, rather than following an itinerary that can reinvigorate your soul deeply. Recapture the excitement of mind by indulging in activities that would rejuvenate your health, sharpen your mind, and heal your soul.

1. Volunteer in teaching English

teaching English

One of the best ways to recharge your body and mind is by volunteering. You can join the English teaching volunteer programs located in Singburi. It is an excellent program for college people. You will get access to primary and secondary schools. You can also volunteer in monasteries, teaching the little monks elementary subjects. The monasteries also organize an interactive session with the monks to help you understand and teach the spiritual side of life.

2. Thai massage and spa treatment in Phuket

massage and spa treatment in Phuket

You must have heard about the Thai massage in Phuket. One of the reasons people visit Thailand is to have a blissful experience. You will find these Thai massage options at every few steps. Do your research and get a massage from a good Thai massage center. You are never going to experience such soothing and tranquil massage anywhere else. Their massage techniques are going to relieve you from any stress. The exotic herbs and oils used for massage will leave your body feeling rejuvenated from head to toe. They are very economically priced offering the best spas.

3. Attend Thai cooking classes

Thai cooking classes

Cooking is a stress buster for many. It is a satisfying experience when you know what to cook and have all the ingredients ready for the dish. You can fulfill your excitement of cooking by joining a Thai cooking class. These classes last for a week. The classes start first with a visit to the market, choosing and buying the freshest ingredients for the dish. Mostly, the Thai people enjoy drinking beer and their local alcohol like Mekhong Whiskey. Attend these classes and prepare some authentic Thai cuisine. Serve the Thai food along with red wine for your family and friends when you get back home.

4. Volunteer at the elephant village in Chiang Mai


To make your Thailand visit meaningful, involve yourself in a volunteering program of taking care of some of the world's largest mammals in Chiang Mai, the largest city in Northern Thailand. Living with the caretakers' community and volunteering at Elephant National park is a life-changing experience. This is an opportunity to be a part of protecting the endangered species of Asian elephants. You can take part in small activities like cooking their food, cleaning their shelters, taking them for a walk and feeding them. Involving yourself in something so important that has a positive impact, makes you feel proud and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

5. Meditation retreat and cleanse your soul

Connect to your inner self by joining a meditation retreat. Meditation is an escape from daily life stresses and helps you in enlightenment and self-realization. Thailand’s meditation retreat places are one of the most beautiful places where you can involve in diverse activities. You will get to listen to Buddhism talks by teachers and monks, hot springs, yoga, a few cleaning chores, etc. Some meditation retreats take your phones away, ask you to sleep on a concrete slab with a straw mat, a thin blanket, and a wooden pillow. This can be challenging for beginners but people tag it as a life-changing experience.

6. Learn scuba diving and get certification

tudies by the students from the University of Sheffield’s Medical School confirm that scuba diving has rehabilitative and therapeutic benefits to the body. So, how about getting certified as a scuba diver, the next time you are in Thailand? The serenity of clear blue water, spotting aquatic plants, fishes, corals, and exotic creatures makes it an amazing experience. You can join a PADI course to learn the skill of diving. When you dive, you leave the worldly stress at the surface and enjoy the quiet and peaceful moments undersea. It’s a kind of meditation when all you can hear are the bubbles.


The above pointers are few of the soul rejuvenating things you can do in Thailand. Other than the above-mentioned volunteering activities, there are many other options to explore. This Southeast Asian country is one of the most popular volunteer destinations. Volunteering in these activities is the easiest way to disconnect from the stressful world. You can check out the volunteer program in Thailand and find the program which interests you. You can find a variety of volunteer programs to fulfill your selfless care. Other volunteer programs are the hospital, wildlife conservation, educational rehabilitation, etc. Giving compassionate care towards others helps to replenish and renew your mind and soul. No matter what interests you, there is some volunteer program for everyone. Go ahead, make new friends, discover yourself, and have a trip of a lifetime.