Anytime when we are juggling with multiple chores at once, we tend to make a few mistakes which turn out to be costly.

And, the same goes when moving to a new residence, right from documentation work, moving preparation to the final shifting, the responsibilities are plenty.

So, the road from one house to another is bumpy, and here are the most prevalent mistakes to avoid:-

Moving Home Is A DIY Job

Home Is A DIY Job

Ah, a common mistake that just about every homeowner make is perceiving that shifting the house is a DIY job. But as a matter of fact, even moving across the town can be nerve-racking.

Relocating to a new place involves an array of possible pitfalls, stretching from possible wear and tear of household valuables to burning a hole in the pocket owing to hefty fuel prices.

So, in a nutshell, do-it-yourself house moving in Melbourne may not be as “cheap” or as “fun” as expected.

Give yourself an extensive amount of research time on how to get about the move.

Also, seek the advice of friends who’ve recently moved and inquire what sort of challenges and hassles they faced, and make proper arrangements to avoid the same.

Overlooking The Rush Hour

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), half a million people in Australia move from one state to another, so there can be a moving traffic jam at different times of the year.

Generally, many reputed local movers in Melbourne are booked during the summer months and late spring since these are peak seasons.

Do you want to trust a less experienced or a mover with a not-so credible market image for transporting your valuables? Or, if possible, wait for a few days or months to ensure a smooth move anywhere in Melbourne.

By moving during the off-season, you’ll attain peace of mind that the loaded truck will reach its destination within the expected time and may receive a great deal!

You Don’t Have an Estimate

Have an Estimate

When you don’t buy a car or a house without knowing the cost, then why go ahead with your house moving? Instead, seek a detailed estimate. This is based on the volume of the belongings and the miles to be travelled for reaching the destination

On the other hand, a binding estimate is legal writing that clearly describes each and every charge, and the final invoice can’t be changed unless you request an additional service. 

Most homeowners are recommended to seek multiple quotes to avoid paying unexpected hidden charges.

With fuel prices soaring in Australia, you probably don’t want to be surprised with an additional surcharge that can blow your moving budget.

Similarly, you don’t want to go with the lowest bid, nor the highest, weigh your options to find someone who you can trust to safely and securely transport your personal belonging.

You Didn’t Check on The Insurance

Check on The Insurance

Whoops, the big muscle guy just dropped the pricey vase you bought from an Italian exhibition or heirloom cookery set. Well that’s just an illustration, however, this can happen in reality, if you haven’t thought of the insurance.

Your moving company will pay for every loss incurred during the move if they have the insurance coverage.

Also, not to mention, talk to your moving company to inquire what’s covered, when and where?

To Wrap Up

The above-four pointers are just a handful of blunders most homeowners commit with their first move. However, there are others such as you skimping on the bubble wrap, not packing a survival kit, and doing shopping for the new home a few days before moving.

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