If you are a novice Mac user, maintaining your device can be a tremendous task for you to take on. From cleaning your device, optimizing its performance, freeing storage space, and protecting your privacy. However, there are tools and software which you can efficiently utilize to better help you gain your intended purpose. One particular software application I recently come across is the iMyMac PowerMyMac which promises to aid various issues for your Mac.

iMyMac PowerMyMac

This all-in-one tool is said to be the best solution for your numerous problems and issues regarding your Mac. In this review, we are going to scrutinize its key features, as well as each function and how it works.

Part 1: iMyMac PowerMyMac Main Features

iMyMac PowerMyMac is said to be an all-in-one solution for your various Mac iOS issues. This tool comes up with powerful features that help you maintain high-performance in just simple clicks. Here are some of its key features and how it significant help you maintain and boost your device’s performance.

1. Performance Monitor

I was surprised about how impressive their performance monitor works. Whenever I feel like my Mac is already slowing down or lagging, all I have to do is to check the performance monitor. Then, it already shows an accurate metric that provides a closer look at the CPU’s performance, whether it's idle or in heavy load. Alternatively, it also shows the other functionalities such as your device’s consumed space, and how much available space left.

2. Smart Clean-Up

Another feature that this software offer is its smart clean-up. As its name suggests, it is very easy to navigate. In just a click you will be able to readily get rid of unnecessary files that are consuming your space. It is also called ‘smart’ because of its ability to identify important and unimportant files and make a suggestion for you. All you need to do is to confirm whether or not the files being suggested are no longer needed.

3. Memory Retriever

This is also one of the best things I love about this software. Sometimes I really tend to be careless and because of that I often accidentally delete some important files. Because of its memory retriever feature, I no longer have to worry in easily getting back the files I had accidentally deleted. I find this tool deeply functional and effective.

4. Application Uninstaller

Another convenience this tool offers is its application uninstaller function. I just figured that I have so many applications in my device which I do not really use and just take up space. Before, I find a hard time to figure out how to remove those applications to free up some space for my device. But now, with the discovery of this all-in-one tool, I am very much delighted with such functions it offers.

Part 2: Other More Useful Options

Other than the key functions and features aforementioned above, there is more with iMyMac PowerMyMac. Unlike any other applications, this software offers an all-in-one solution for Mac users. It composes with three main parts, the Status, Cleaner, and Toolkit.

1. Status

Its status will show you the data and the necessary information you needed to monitor your device’s performance. It is very functional because it automatically refreshes and shows you the running status every time you enter on the page. I find the statistics very useful and comprehensive to understand how your device is effectively running.

2. Cleaner

As said, its cleaner does not only help you clean up your device’s clutters to save up more space. It also provides suggestions on which files are no longer needed and help you identify the unnecessary files. After personally using this tool, I find it saves much more time and effort in identifying the files. The scanning process won’t also take much time, if you are an impatient type, you don’t have to worry about the waiting time.

Here are the eight other options and functions of your Mac Cleaner:

System Junk

This tool is explicitly designed to clean up your system junks like the system cache, application cache, user logs, and localization. Freeing space by cleaning these system junks will also help your device boosts its performance.

iPhoto Junk

Another tool which I considered as one of my favorites is the iPhoto Junk. This tool will help you decrease the size of your gallery by clearing up a useless photo cache.

Email Junk

If you are looking for a way to remove local copies of your email downloads and attachments, this is also a perfect tool. Its email junk is the best to check the email status stored in your device.

Similar Photo

I find this tool as an efficient organizer for your photos and galleries. For someone who loves to take photos frequently, being confused with duplicate photos is a common issue. This function is an efficient finder for your duplicate photos and to get rid of it to save up more space.

iTunes Junk

Another function helps you clears up backups, installation packages, and remove corrupt downloads from iTunes.

Trash Bins

You also have access and an option to empty the trash bins on your Mac. I find that emptying your trash bins will easily help you free up more space for your device.

Large and Old Files

As its name suggests, this tool helps you find large and old files that are taking up on your device’s memory space. Clearing them out will also help you boost your device performance and keep it from lags.

Duplicate Finder

This tool functions the same as the Similar Photo tool. However, the difference is it does not just find duplicate photos but it finds duplicate files, documents, and other media in your device. This is a great tool to use especially if you are unaware of your downloaded files and to save confusion.

3. Toolkit

The toolkit is another option which also provides eight functions for your device. These functions and options which you will find in the Toolkit are designed to solve various issues for your Mac. This will greatly help you in managing your device.

Here are important features that the toolkit has:


Its Uninstaller function helps remove applications without residual files. I find this very useful in helping to manage your applications properly. This is also an easier way than removing the application on your device manually.


If you are experiencing some lagging and slowing down of performance for your Mac, check the maintenance settings will help you. This is where you optimize and speed up the performance of your device.


The Privacy option in this software will also help you avoid information leakage. It also cleans up cookies, searches, downloads, and visits from your browsers.


This tool will be used if you have files from HDD, SDD, or flash drives that are formatted under Windows systems. This tool is very useful and saves up more of your energy and effort. Finding ways to translate and let your device interpret the files from Windows can be a tremendous and complex task.

File Manager

The File Manager enables you to see detailed information about your files. This will also help you remove the desired files from your Mac device.


For confidential files and documents which you wanted to protect, encrypting it is the best way to do it. Some applications do not offer this option, and if there are some, it does not work as impressive as this.


If you are looking for ways to compress or extract your files, this tool can also be a good tool to utilize.

Wifi Analysis

This tool also comes with WiFi Analysis to help you efficiently checks information such as Wifi username and password. This will also provide you information about your network speed and other related information.

Part 3: The Bottom Line

There are numerous software tools and applications available in the market today. However, choosing which one is the best suit for your Mac device is a hard decision to take. Careful deliberation is also needed because a reckless move may cause your Mac more bad than good. Thus, before downloading any application to help optimize your Mac device, scrutinizing its features is important.