Honeymooning in Sikkim

The tranquil and picturesque north-eastern state of Sikkim is a favourite honeymoon destination of India. The natural beauty and mountainous landscapes of Sikkim make it a worth-visiting place for newlyweds and couples looking for a romantic trip.

Sikkim is not only famous for its landscapes, but also for the beautiful Buddhist monasteries that it houses. Spread on these mountains, the monasteries of Sikkim displays the unique architecture and rich culture of the state.

So, any trip to Sikkim will be meaningless without visiting the top monasteries of the state. If you are planning to buy Sikkim honeymoon packages for an awesome honeymoon in Sikkim, then you must know about these monasteries.

Visiting these with your spouse will make your trip truly serene and wonderful. Plus, you will know a lot about Buddhism and Sikkimese culture. So, let’s know about the top monasteries of Sikkim which you must visit while honeymooning there:

Dubdi Monastery:

Dubdi is one of the oldest and most popular monasteries of Sikkim. Settled on a 6,900 metres high hilltop, the location of Dubdi monastery is truly scenic. It means you need to hike through thrilling paths of the dense alpine forest with your partner to reach Dubdi Monastery.

Built in 1701, this is a 2 storied monastery made up of stone. The statue of three lamas placed inside its premises enhances its beauty. Plus, you will also see a bell-shaped structure on the roof of this monastery which is known as Gyaltshen.

From Yuksom, it is just 3 km away. So, you can take a cab till Yuksom, and from there you can enjoy a picturesque walk with your spouse till Dubdi Monastery.

Pemayangtse Monastery:

Located atop a beautiful hilltop of 2085 metres height, Pemayantse Monastery is the oldest and most visited monastery of Sikkim. If you are visiting Pelling city of Sikkim, then you shouldn’t miss an excursion to this stunning monastery.

This 300-year-old monastery features rich architecture, and one can also see the carvings of ancient manuscripts on the pillars and walls here. The interior woodwork is also worth watching.

Plus, you can also adore the views of snow-capped Kanchenjunga Mountain and the entire valley from Pemayantse Monastery. You can take a taxi from Gangtok to reach Pelling and from there; you cover the 2 km distance till the monastery by taking a peaceful walk.

Kartok Monastery:

Kartok Monastery is a more serene and picturesque one because it is situated in the quaint village of Yuksom. The Monastery is tucked amidst verdant hills just opposite to enchanting Kartok Lake. So, the setting of Kartok Monastery is romantic enough for paying a visit!

Created with red stone, the exteriors of Kartok Monastery is adorned with yellow and golden motifs which depict Tibetan architecture. The echoes of slow chants and the sight of fluttering prayer flags make the whole atmosphere divine there!

You can easily reach Yuksom village by taking transport from famous areas like Pelling and Geyzing.

Ralang Monastery:

Established in 1995, Ralang Monastery is a newly built structure as compared to the other monasteries of Sikkim, and it is also the biggest monastery of Sikkim. You can go there to see the best example of Tibetan architecture.

Located 6 km away from the town of Ravangla in South Sikkim, this monastery is the hub of Buddhist devotees who come here from every part of the world. Don’t confuse it with the old Ralang Monastery which is situated 13 km away from Ravangla.

The new one is easily accessible and showcases a combination of various colours, unique paintings and Thangkas. This monastery also hosts the famous festival Pang Lhabsol every year. You can take a private cab from Namchi to reach Ravangla from where you can trek to the Ralang Monastery.

Rumtek Monastery:

Rumtek Monastery is yet another popular monastery of Sikkim which is located 23 km away from the capital city of Gangtok. Due to its prime location and vantage views, this monastery often remains flocked with tourists.

The monastery has 3 stories, and it lies opposite to the majestic mountains. Built in 1960, it is one of the most popular Buddhist destinations of India; so you shouldn’t miss this one at any cost! You need to walk uphill for half a kilometre from the base to reach the main Gompa.

The fine architecture and the beautiful views of Gangtok town will take away your breath here! This monastery belongs to Kargyu sect, and it is the centre of Buddhist religious activities. You can book a private taxi from Gangtok to reach Rumtek Monastery.

Tashiding Monastery:

Tashiding Monastery is beautified by natural views from all the sides; which make it a worth-visiting monastery for honeymooners. Surrounded by snow-covered mountains and rustic views, this monastery is perfect for experiencing an old world charm in Sikkim.

Tashiding is one of the oldest and holiest monasteries of Sikkim where you can enjoy not only the divine presence but also the natural beauty at its best. The monastery complex houses a holy pot of water whose water is only used during special occasions.

The inscription slab placed outside the monastery is also worthy of your attention. You can also talk to monks that reside in this monastery. You can take a taxi from Gyalshing or Ravangla to reach Tashiding Monastery which is located near Pelling.

Lingdum Monastery:

Lingdum is a picturesque monastery situated 20 km away from Gangtok in the East Sikkim area. The beauty of this monastery made it popular among Bollywood filmmakers who come here for shooting any type of monastery scenes. This is the reason why normal public also goes to see this monastery.

Built in 1998, it is the latest monastery of Sikkim. The surroundings of forested mountains make this monastery the favourite spot for nature lovers and photographers. Adorned by beautiful prayer wheels, this monastery also hosts mask dances during Losar Festival. You can take a private vehicle from Gangtok to reach there.

So, buy Sikkim honeymoon packages and begin your trip now!