Many may say that email Marketing has died but that is exactly you shouldn’t pay heed to. Not even for a second. Because 90% of marketers say that email marketing is the most effective method of generating qualified leads. If you’re putting your efforts to form an effective email marketing campaign, then you certainly are on the right track. But know that sending out promotional emails to your list won’t necessarily gain you any benefit. Because such emails have fair chances of getting marked as spam.

You ever wonder why you don’t get the expected results from the emails you smarlty crafted for sales? What could be those reasons? This very question motivated me to write this article.

There are numerous factors that contribute to driving sales through email marketing. Crafting an effective email that doesn’t get marked as spam is an important factor in it. This article would help you in identifying factors that are making your email messages rot in spam cell.

Even if your content is not being marked as spam, this article would still benefit you. It will allow you to understand the best practices and principles to write spam-free emails. Utilize the following tips to form a smashing email marketing campaign.

Understand the definition of spam from Consumers perspective:

Spammy messages were easy to identify before than now. Getting messages with the subject line stating “you have won a contest” with stars and other characters were easily detected as a spammy message. Spam can be some malicious, NSFW content. But with the improvement in email software, such messages now directly go to the spam folder.

However, even legitimate subscribers now are marking the promotional emails as spam because they are sick of their inbox being bombarded with unnecessary and worthless messages. 57% of people say that getting irrelevant or way too many messages from sender makes them mark the content as spam. Even reputable companies are not immune yet to end up in spam section. Know what your consumer considers spammy or what activity makes you susceptible to get marked as spam.

Do not buy your business subscribers:

As I discussed earlier, the recipients who have subscribed to a particular brand are still marking the messages as spam. Imagine what would happen when people who haven’t subscribed to your platform start getting messages from you. There are greater chances of ending up in the spam folder instead. Furthermore, you’re also putting your brand’s credibility and your marketing campaigns at risk by violating the CAN-SPAM Act which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.

Stay Relevant and Check spam risk before rolling out emails:

Provide relevant information in the emails and spam test risk before rolling them out. It can be of great help. Most of the email marketing softwares already have this feature embedded which checks for spam. It basically scans your email content and determines how much likely it is for your email to end up in the spam folder. In order to have a low spam risk, make sure that you don't use promotional words like free, buy, promo as less as possible.

You certainly can use these words if necessary but don’t overdo it. Make sure that you write a concise and to-the-point email. Don’t make the email message text or image-heavy. Balance all the content of the email appropriately. For example, if you’re rolling out emails for new Cox Communication packages, you should provide valuable information, mention what is so new about the packages and above all what makes them special from other internet packages. Provide suitable URLs. A common and effective practice is to provide naked URLs.

For example.


We are pleased to inform you about Cox Communication’s new triple-play package. It offers exciting speed along with high-quality cable TV and unlimited nationwide telephone calling. Get yourselves this amazing package at the most reasonable prices now.

A well-designed banner

Visit to avail now.

-Cox Team

Master crafting the Subject Lines:

A key factor in a successful email marketing campaign is the catchy subject lines. You can draft the best promotional message but nobody will pay attention to it if it doesn’t have an intriguing subject to it. It is best practice to show the crux of the message into the subject line. In order to attain the high email opening rate, keep the subject line between 20 to 30 characters. Stats indicate that 70% of the emails get marked as spam based on their subject line. So be wise with the words in that area.

Limit the Sending frequency:

As a marketer, you think about promoting your brand all the time. You come up with several creative ideas to promote your brand and increase sales. Marketing is basically a hit and trial type of a thing, you have to experiment with new ideas. Sometimes they work, sometimes don’t.

But rolling out emails for every new thing you’re experimenting with is not good. A person who gets 130 emails a day doesn’t have the stamina to bear with your incessant emailing. So don’t annoy your potential customers, rather limit your email sending frequency. And make sure that those few emails have something intriguing to offer which makes people take action. Stats have shown that receiving way too many emails annoy the customer and make them mark the sender’s emails as spam.