Transform your Home-Eight Design

Singapore most trusted interior design, contractor-Eight Design. Space and décor need an artistic interior designer to blend appropriately. With over 15 years in Interior Design, Eight Design has designed residential interior designs as well as commercial suites interior decor almost in every corner of the world.

Turn your home dreams into reality through Eight Design team of interior designers. Regardless whether you just moved into a new home or need a renovation of a traditional house, paying attention to details will enable you to complement the old furniture to an overwhelming colorful theme.

At you will get samples of already well designed interior décor. Catch a glimpse of the lighting effect, decorative patterns and texture, living space layout, color tone blending, and the themes of different designs. What has made Eight Design outstanding is the collaborative perspective with the client’s budget, inspiration, and personality?

It beats your conscious to think you will live to your dream of giving your interior ambient. You do not want the pendant to give a light that will pain your head and eyes. It is good to consult interior designers on décor, but still, we have online internal décor sites like that will give you the best interior décor theme noting the details and budget concerns.

Now a bit of retouch on the tricks to integrate into your home interior décor regardless of how small or large your space is-Eight 

Design Interior design firm:

1. The mix-up strategy.

For the loved grandchild, you will note family heirlooms scattered around the living space. For a penny or two, a designer comfortable couch is cornered along the edge of the naturally lighting window space. Antique beauty is achieved by mixing the old with the new. There is nothing that odd when you give your living space a vintage beauty tone. Get along with the personality and family reflection by mixing up old and expensive, expensive and inexpensive, and textures and patterns.

2. Make your small room seem large.

The size of the house is your living space. No need to cut off your budget by extending your house. You can give the optical illusion of a big home using interior décor. Large window bringing in natural light and reflective decorated mirrors; use a high tone of bright color to redistribute colorful decors.

3. Live within the natural environment- go green.

Plants and flowers bring natural beauty to your space. The texture and patterns of specific plants do simulate your, either small or large area, to the best parks in Singapore. The kitchen, the sitting room, and the balcony are the best spaces to go green.

4. Use slipcovers to create comfortable and colorful décor on your furniture.

The first thing would be to DIY your old fashioned furniture to designer shapes. Use wood blocks to redesign your furniture. You can either go for the reclined DIY slipcovers or stripped ones depending on the function of the furniture. Old clothing can give a charming, colorful décor on the dining chairs. For instance, in the sunroom, the furniture would provide a beautiful reflection of the natural light if covered with sturdy cotton duck covers that will vibrantly give a sparkle to the room.

5. You can also opt to paint or wallpaper your bookcases.

This is the cheapest and elegance way to energize and transform your otherwise dull space. Bookcases could be the very beginning to give a new look to your lighted house.

Courtesy of follow through these tricks to re-energize your living space without having to spend more budget.