Microsoft vs. Mac

Meta Description: Microsoft vs. Mac has always ignited a rather heated debate when it comes to the operating systems that both support. While macOS is only compatible with MacBook, Windows can be installed on a variety of laptops...

Samsung vs. iPhone

My life seems like a never-ending trail of choosing between very close options. Before I had to choose between MacBook or any other laptop, the CenturyLink vs Comcast was my ‘favorite’ topic of discussion. Anyway, I had to make ten trips to the Apple store before I decided to invest in the MacBook that I have always liked. That is the level of indecisive that I am. And did I mention the two months that I spent researching and talking to people about Microsoft vs. Mac OS? It was only when I was convinced on Mac OS that I bought a MacBook. My family and friends took a sigh of relief when I announced MacBook as my ultimate choice. Had I chosen Microsoft over Mac OS, I would have driven everyone crazy because of the uncountable options of laptops that support Microsoft OS.

Features and Apps

Both Microsoft and Mac have its share of apps to offer (which are more or less the same). However, the way these apps function varies by many degrees in both OSes. Talking of Microsoft, users get access to integrated apps like mail client but they still offer nothing more than the basics. On the other hand, macOS offers capable apps that include a calendar app and mail client. The moviemaker ‘iMovie’ allows you to make 4K resolution movies along with adding a Hollywood effect to the videos. This app that is unique to macOS is one of its kind.

Moreover, macOS does not ask you to pay for the apps once you have purchased the OS. Microsoft, on the other hand, charges you money to install any extra apps apart from the basic Microsoft Office apps.

This should give you a clear idea about the OS that offers better features and apps.

It’s All About Compatibility

I hate to agree but Microsoft wins when it comes to the OS’s compatibility with different devices. While macOS can operate on nothing but MacBook and the iMac, Windows have a lot to offer. From tablets to laptops, every device supports the Windows OS. Moreover, macOS does not offer touchscreen support. While that might not pose a problem for many, it is worth mentioning that Windows has a broader range to offer when it comes to operating.

Moreover, the levels of compatibility of both operating systems differ as well. You can operate Windows on an iPhone or an android phone. MacOS, on the other hand, sticks to Apple products.

Speed Test

Talking of the operating systems’ speeds, various factors need to be considered. From browser performance to the various applications, all need to be tested to determine the better OS with regards to speed. Talking of Office applications, when it comes to performing basic tasks like writing, making graphs or calculations, the apps perform well on both operating systems. However, when it comes to performing complex tasks Word performs slower for macOS then it does for Windows.

Security Issues

Apple has always been very concerned about the security of its users. I am not saying that Microsoft does not care about the privacy of its users. But macOS is much safer as far as security is concerned than Windows 10. I do not want to scare you by saying that Windows is insecure (because it is not). I just want to point out a few differences in both operating systems when it comes to security and privacy. For instance, macOS will suggest you strong passwords and also warn you if you have used a single password across a number of its apps. Windows fails to do so. So, Apple has an advantage over Windows when it comes to this feature.

Anyhow, I found out about all these features (which btw confused me further). But after two months of research (as I have mentioned earlier), I ended up purchasing MacBook Pro. However, just when I thought that I won’t face a choice scenario for another 1-2 months, guess what happened? Yes, life threw another very hard to make choice at me.

I shall call it the Cox Customer Service dilemma. My mother is of the thought that I observe things keenly and then make an appropriate decision. Funny on her part, I must say. Anyhow, I got into the exercise of asking friends again. Researched a lot and ended up opting for a third service provider. I am unpredictable like that.

But I would like to inform you guys that the MacBook is working great and I think you should invest in one too!