Cost A Fortune

Men have to keep in mind that the devil is in the details. Having a luxury wristwatch that fits comfortably around the wrist as well as matching your personality and style can provide you elegance and sophistication. But, not many can afford the hefty price tag luxury watches carry.
Although luxury timepieces are worthy investments, consumers who like to be practical about not spending their entire paycheck on a single accessory can be tough. The socioeconomic brand perception of the people who know luxury watch brands such as Omega, Patek Philippe, Rolex, or Tudor can make it challenging to please.

Since wristwatches are the single accessory that matters the most for men. The only way you enhance your style while not breaking the bank is to find an affordable watch that doesn’t lack in design, features, and functionality. There are various affordable watches out there that give off a ton amount of luxurious vibe. Thus, here are four men’s watches that don’t cost a fortune.

Kapten & Son Chrono Silver Blue Steel

The Kapten & Son Chrono Silver Blue Steel unisex watch features a quartz movement encased in a silver case. The luxurious feel of the Chrono Silver Blue Steel is due to the sapphire dome glass that’s scratch-proof that protects the shiny blue dial. The watch band is also made out of nickel-free stainless steel to give the watch reliable durability.

The features of the watch also have a calendar indication and stop function that’s incorporated by two additional dials. The 40mm diameter of the watch makes it perfect around the wrist due to the comfortable and snug fit that makes sure the watch doesn’t move around.

Seiko 5 Automatic

The Seiko 5 Automatic wristwatch is an affordable but reliable mid-range watch that’s worthy to be in any man’s timepiece collection. Seiko 5 Automatic is a force to be reckoned due to the functionality of the watch such as silver-toned luminous hands, large printed numbers, and has the Seiko Caliber 7S26 automatic movement.

The placing of the crown at 4 o’clock of the watch prevents the crown from digging into your skin as you accidentally bend your wrist. The watch also has a scratch-proof crystal case and a durable black fabric watch strap. The Seiko 5 Automatic will never fail you for any occasion due to its versatility in style that allows you to match it with any outfit.
Fossil Machine Chronograph Black Silicone

The Fossil Machine Chronograph Black Silicone is a watch perfect for those you want to enhance their masculinity in any type of outfit. Further, the watch also has a sleek all-black design with gauges inspired by aeronautics. The case is also oversized featuring a 45mm stainless steel protecting the black pattern of the dials.

The Fossil Machine Chronograph Black Silicone is a bang for the buck timepiece because it has unique features that can be similarly seen in some luxury watches. The watch face also has tree chronograph subdials to display the date as well as allowing you to use the stopwatch feature without disrupting the analog hands of the watch.

You’ll be able to make use of the functionality of the watch without sacrificing any of the design and style. The matte-black silicone watch strap mimics the design of a metal watchband to provide the wearer the comfortability as well as security from all the irritation caused by the build-up of sweat.
Timex Men’s Weekender Watch

The Timex Men’s Weekender Watch is an extremely versatile timepiece that allows you to swap out the watch strap with the quick-release function of the watch. The original watch strap of the Timex Men’s Weekender Watch is made of genuine leather that has a luxurious tan design to highlight the silver-tone brass case of the timepiece.

The features of the watch are also not lacking, making it one of the best affordable men’s watches in the market. The Timex Men’s Weekender Watch also has INDIGLO Night-Light to allow you to check the time with ease even at the darkest of night. Also, the watch is water-resistant but only up to 30 meters.


There are many affordable watches for men in the market, the few watches mentioned above are only a few of the many watches you can choose from. If you want to find out more watches that vary in design and functionality, you can visit to make sure that you choose a watch that fits your interests as well as your budget.

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