365 CRMs For QuickBooks

CRM makes every aspect of business working in sync. The team members can perform and track all their sales conversations using Dynamics 365 integration by combining their communication and marketing tools. However, if the enterprise uses any accounting software to manage its outgoing and incoming payments, there are several unseen advantages to integrate the software with CRM.

Quickbooks is one of an accounting software platform that is specially made for small and mid-scale businesses. It provides millions of businesses an easy way to handle their regular sales and expenses, invoice their customers, pay their bills, generate planning reports, and tax filing.

There is almost every CRM providing a QuickBooks Integration, however these integrations are not equally done. Some of the CRMs offer simple one-click setup, while others take more time for installation. How to choose the best CRM that integrates well with QuickBooks is something you need to choose wisely.

QuickBooks as Your First CRM- You Need The Real Thing

When you have just started your business, you might find your accounting software enough to access customer contact details. However, Quickbooks doesn’t do anything to assist you make sales- it is designed to manage billing and accounting- thus, you need to integrate QuickBooks account with software that helps you manage the business process pipeline.

Automating the billing, invoicing, and follow-up unpaid invoices will surely save your precious time, yet it is important to integrate QuickBooks account and CRM to bring transparency to your sales funnel. This increases the chances of closing more number of leads and boosts business growth.

Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks integration will keep your customer data organized and clutter free for the entire team.

How to leverage CRM integration?

You won’t get the idea of how many leads are there in your pipeline until you import all your data via QuickBooks.

There are CRM platforms offering their QuickBooks integrations via Zapier. It offers user-friendly way to connect numerous software platforms and automate actions between them.

However, this type of integration doesn’t assure that the integration will be limited when it comes to functionality. There are several similar CRMs that can do as much with their integrated Zapier Quickbooks as compared to purpose-built integrations.

Here we bring top leading CRMs that provide useful integrations with QuickBooks-


Nutshell is a robust sneaky CRM and sales automation platform. This is made to assist sales teams in their job and make the processing faster. The QuickBooks online integration of Nutshell is simple and sophisticated for users.

If the business has a customer list which is saved and stored inside QuickBooks Online, it can be imported into Nutshell with few clicks using their native direct importer.

You can also get an option of Zapier integration with QuickBooks Online to trigger bills, invoices, or new records via QuickBooks after you have enabled the connection via Nutshell. It also keeps your customer records synced in both.

Who can use Nutshell?

Any sales team interested in feature-rich CRM that is user-friendly and can be customized may use Nutshell.


Method CRM works well with every QuickBooks product. Whether you are using QuickBooks Online, Premier, Pro, or Enterprise; your data will integrate with method effortlessly. Method CRM is best for those who are looking for a CRM solution where QuickBooks can be integrated to sales process.


Insightly CRM focuses around its QuickBooks Online integration. It is user-friendly, easy to install, and provides more innovative features.

The payment history and status on any of the customers of the business can be seen in a customized QuickBooks Online tab.

The thing which is not possible with Insightly is that you cannot create invoices directly. This means you have to leave the CRM to bill a customer and cannot accept direct payments with it. Insightly suits those that need advanced project management features in their CRM.


Salesforce for QuickBooks allows the sales CRM to integrate with QuickBooks. It plays nice with Zapier. When you connect Salesforce with QuickBooks, it allows you to sync the QuickBooks customers to Salesforce accounts and view their data from the CRM interface.

Salesforce QuickBooks integration also let you create transactions, invoices, and manage accounts.

QuickBooks Dynamics 365 integration services in CRM plays key role for every business. However, entrepreneurs get the choice between CRMs and the right CRM can make a huge impact to the sales team performance. So, if you are looking for a CRM that works with QuickBooks, or a CRM that fits your business, decide well.