Machine Learning to IT Industry

I am sure most of you have heard about machine learning and an idea of what machine learning is. Machine learning is the use of big data where algorithms leverage the existing data to help machines (computers) to find hidden insights to complex data-rich problems that otherwise would’ve been unnoticeable and thought to be non-existent. The algorithm learns to perform a given task as well as improvise without minimal human intervention. These systems often involve no pre-programming. You can also become an expert in machine learning and get a job in the IT industry by taking a machine learning online course by Intellipaat which is taught by industry experts.

Machine learning may be applied in cases where you know the outcome you want (guided learning), or the information isn't identified beforehand (unguided learning), It could even be the result of the interaction between a model and the environment (reinforcement learning).

But do you think about the benefits of machine learning AI? What it means or what difference the use of machine learning in IT business can bring you? According to Statistical, thirty-three percent of the respondents stated that the most critical driver for using machine learning technology in their organizations was business analytics. The three Tech giants- Apple, Google, and Amazon are the leading adaptors of Machine learning and AI, using them to improve the reliability of their services.

With this in mind, let’s look at the advantages of machine learning, which is becoming a force of transition in many industries and how the IT industry is shaping the various other industries through Machine Learning.

Real-Time Business Decision

The availability of accurate information is essential at the right time. With the amount of data that is generated every day, sifting through this big data to find the piece of data one wants will be impossible without machine learning big data and AI. You can transform large sets of data into intelligent decisions using ML. Use Machine Learning and AI to keep on top of the competition and outsmart them every single time.

No more Manual Tasks

No machine learning essay is complete without mentioning the impact of machine learning on manual labor. In the past, the focus of IT was on the reduction of manual labor, rather the automation of predictable as well as repetitive tasks. Now, this void is being filled by machine learning with algorithms evolving to learn to perform tasks and improvise their operations.

Eliminates Manual Data Entry

Duplicity and inaccuracy have always been the bane of manual data entry that businesses are faced with. Nowadays, predictive algorithms and machine learning and artificial intelligence can reduce and even avoid such errors in manual data entry. How do they do this? They use the data that is already discovered. Hence your employees can use the time saved for activities that add value to your business.

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Detecting Spam

Email service providers have been getting smarter and smarter in identifying spam with time, thanks to the benefits of AI. In the past, they used pre-existing, rule-based methods to eliminate spam. Nowadays, they use neural networks to detect spam and phishing messages.

Recognize Images

Alias computer vision. Computers can now generate numeric and symbolic information from images and videos through data mining, pattern recognition, and Machine Learning algorithms. Many organizations from industries as varied as healthcare, automobile use this artificial intelligence and Machine learning in image recognition.

Improved Network Performance and security

Cyber-security threats, intrusions have no prior warnings and come on suddenly. Organizations are required to remain proactive in maintaining security and in case an invasion or attach place detecting before the intrusion escalates is significant to prevent data leak and outages. This is where machine learning algorithms come in handy through monitoring the network for any abnormal network behavior real-time. They take the security up a notch by automatically executing proactive measures, adapt to changes, and replaces human labor.

Healthcare Industry

Thanks to the use of wearable devices and sensors that use data to assess the wearer’s health Machine learning is making breakthrough forays into the healthcare industry. The Machine Learning algorithms help experts analyze trends and identify red flags to provide accurate diagnose and timely treatment.

Machine Learning and IoT

The high popularity of machine learning is mainly due to the hype around the Internet of Things (IoT). Many organizations identify IoT as the driver of huge potential benefits in business Operations. But many still have no clear idea of where they need to implement IoT. A cloud-based IoT platform isn’t enough for an organization’s rapid growth.

Oil and Gas Industry

Machine learning is now used to find new energy sources and analyzing ground minerals. Machine Learning predicts the failure of refinery sensor. ML is also key in streamlining oil distribution.

How machine learning helps businesses Increase Customer Satisfaction

With chat-bots and automated customer response systems, the tasks of identifying customer problems and guiding customers to the information they need are automated. This way, Machine Learning technologies empower organizations to scale while cutting cost, with high accuracy. Now customers don’t have to wait in long ques for the support agents.

Final Words

The advantages of Machine Learning technologies can be applied to a variety of situations and scenarios. Do you have data at the core? Machine learning technology is quickly replacing human labor in the enterprise market segment. Organizations small, medium as well as large can take advantage of Machine Learning solutions. Considering ML as a strategic initiative is a lucrative decision. But, it is better to approach machine learning service providers with utmost care because deployment carries with it some business risk.

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