Gone are the days when the whole record of the fleet industry was maintained in the logbook, which was either left at the mercy of the drivers or at the base stations formed at the source and destination of the cargo. With the evolution of Cloud-based application development like Azure Development, a new stream of apps and software has emerged. Some of them have made the Fleet Tracking possible and precise. 

With the availability of Cloud development services at competitive prices, more and more people are using the apps and software to track their fleet of vehicles and make the difference between the earnings and costs smaller with every new step.

Amongst the hoards of apps and services available worldwide, a few have changed the game and made the lives of logistics companies really easy and worthwhile. The most notable are the Microsoft Azure and the Internet of Things or the IoT. The following post will comprise the ways Azure IoT-based Vehicle Telematics have revolutionized fleet tracking and explain all the technical terms of the subject matter.
Microsoft Azure Development – Understanding the Basics:

Microsoft Azure is the best cloud services platform that comes with an ever-expanding set of services and is the best way for any organization or business to get future-ready, meet the challenges arising every day in the light of technological and market advancements and work seamlessly with the tools and frameworks at a global level. The platform has made Cloud-based application development more comfortable, better, streamlined, and more effective regarding client satisfaction.

Internet of Things – A briefing:

  • Microsoft Azure Internet of Things has made it possible for all businesses to have a simplistic manner of operation, cut down costs, speed up market time, avoid losses due to the idling of transport and conveyances, and has made the remote monitoring, asset management firm, predictive maintenance, and connected products. Technology has made the hectic and unruly lives of the logistics and travel service providers much more comfortable and organized, with universal ledgers and distance management systems that have led to fewer costs and better profits.
  • Having gained an understanding of the technical components of the subject matter, let us now move on to understand how the Azure IoT-based Vehicle Telematics is bringing a revolution in the Fleet Tracking industry.
  • Azure IoT-based Vehicle Telematics – Understanding the Term and its Effects:
  • Combining highly modern and high-end Cloud Development Services and IoT has allowed the fleet tracking industries to connect all the assets seamlessly with one-time data entry.
  • The perfectly integrated environment the Azure IoT provides is secure, highly precise, robust, online, and a perfect source of real-time information. It allows the maintenance of a universal ledger that is immune to all kinds of tampering.
  • Further, the availability of many companies that provide Microsoft Azure development and further allied services has made the complete functionality much more affordable and easy to incorporate for all kinds of businesses.
  • Azure IoT-based vehicle Telematics allows companies to find out about and deal with idle time, best routes, fuel consumption management, and cost-cutting in the best way possible. The efficient vehicles, average vehicles, criminal acts, and everything can be managed correctly when the master controls are under the admin, and the drivers and operators only have access to the information and services relevant to their ranks.

Benefits of Azure IoT-based Vehicle Telematics:

Vehicle Performance Maintenance:

Cloud development services providers can help you configure your fleet of vehicles such that you can predict and monitor the needs correctly. Also, you can allocate the resources better and keep the deadlines on time, no matter what. When the business is down, cost-cutting can be done more efficiently, and busy times can be dealt with less pressure.

IoT in Fleet:

Cloud-based application development has made it possible to have IoT in vehicles and routine cars, making them easy to manage. The developers can develop many vehicle solutions and software to improve fleet management. These tools and solutions will also offer the business owners valuable insights into the business.

Overall Movement Management:

Next time you have an essential delivery out on the roads for the destination, you don’t have to sweat yourself over the road conditions, traffic, and lack of resources such as fuel and workstations on the way. Azure-based IoT vehicle Telematics will provide you all the essential information of such accords and thus make sure that you are never late.

You can have real-time information about the traffic, weather, roads, service stations, etc., and send the best-suited vehicle for delivery.

Optimization of the Fleet:

When you are sitting in an office, and your vehicle is being driven by some other person, you are left at the mercy of the honesty and diligence of that person and, of course, the Almighty. Hence, various odds can affect overall performance.

But, the Cloud Development Services for Azure IoT will offer you the perfect tools and solutions to optimize your fleet's operations. You can:

  • Check the delivery routes in advance
  • Check the availability of the service stations and fuel stations on the course
  • Find out the best vehicle for a particular delivery route
  • Correctly spot the shirkers and liars idling their time away doing nothing

Respond to delays and send help at any place in a perfect manner.

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