Moving home is always a tricky time after college or university. You’ve gained some independence, you’re found your feet, and suddenly you find yourself moving back home. For many people it can feel like a step back. In reality though, its par for the course for many college graduates. If you’ve moved back home and you’ve looking for a project to help you refocus, why not spruce your room up? Your taste will likely have changed over the few years you’ve been away. What better way to make your room feel like home again than a full-on revamp? Below you’ll find 5 easy, cheap ways to spruce up your room after moving back home.

1. Get painting

If you don’t have a big budget to play with but have plenty of ideas, then head to your local store and get a few tins of paint. A new paint colour can completely change the perspective of a room without spending a fortune. Try to stick to a colour scheme and don’t go overboard, either. Perhaps aim for a feature wall, with subtle accents and hints of colour brought into the rest of the space. A colour theme will help tie the room together.

TOP TIP: Brighter, light colours help make a room appear larger, as they reflect natural light.

2. Make the walls a focal point

Your walls are a blank canvas for you to play with! Along with your feature wall, aim to make the most of your wall space. They can provide extra storage if you add shelving and by hanging up a mirror, you’ll open up the room considerably and give the illusion of more space. There’ll be some new additions to display once you’ve graduated. You could make a photo wall that captures your prized memories from college, and why not hang up your diploma in a diploma frame to remind yourself of your achievement?

3. Rearrange existing furniture

A simple layout can help bring balance and flow to any room of any size. No matter if you are dealing with a smaller space, if your furniture is arranged well, size won’t matter. Try and think practically, with smart storage solutions and only have the furniture you really need. A lack of clutter will work wonders, especially if you have been gone for a few years. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ you’ll collect when you’re away at college, and all these items will need a home in your new room.

4. Upgrade your accessories

People tend to forget about accessories. Upgrading these is a brilliant way to give your room a totally new look without a complete overhaul. Try to incorporate pops of colour, especially if you’ve repainted and have a feature wall. Bring in accents of this colour into your soft furnishings and room accessories to give the room a finished look. Items to consider upgrading include:
  • Lamps
  • Cushions
  • Throws
  • Photo frames
  • Storage options
  • Bedding
  • Rugs
  • Plant pots

5. Consider your lighting options

Changing your lighting is a subtle but incredibly easy way to dramatically improve your room. Some elements to consider might be:
  • Adding a dimmer to the main light
  • Changing the lampshades
  • Choosing bulbs with a softer light
  • Adding candles
  • Bringing new levels to space with floor lamps by Pagazzi
  • Using LED strip lighting for more ambience
Say goodbye to graduation blues and get creative with your room. You’ll feel energised, focused, and when you’re done, you’ll have the perfect space to prepare for whatever comes next. You don’t need a big budget to work with, either. Sorted!