Being eco-conscious is arguably now more important than ever, especially as scientists warn the ever-growing threat of severe climate change and the need to make mitigating its effects a priority across the board. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice your eco-friendly mindset to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Here are a few practical and effective ways to protect the planet as you enhance indoor air quality. 

1. Choose Air-Purifying House Plants

Image via Flickr by succulentcity35
Research from NASA scientists revealed that up to 30% of newly remodeled spaces, as well as many rooms with mechanical ventilation, have air pollution issues. However, you can start tackling the problem by stopping at your nearest garden center.

Aloe Vera plants and Peace Lilies are just a couple of the many options if you want to buy plants that look nice and clean your air at the same time. Also, don't worry if you're not a gardening expert. There are plenty of air-cleaning plants, including the two mentioned here, that have air-purifying effects and are not high maintenance. If you have kids or grandkids, consider making indoor plant-keeping a family affair.

2. Shop for an Eco-Friendly Air Purifier

If you want more immediate and obvious effects than plants may provide, consider investing in an indoor air purifier that has eco-friendly characteristics. Many of the available options are portable, which is especially handy if you travel frequently or want a product that you can move from room to room as needs dictate. For example, maybe your toddler struggles with allergies in the spring, and you want to use a purification system in their room to try and keep the issue at bay.

As you explore the options for air purifiers, it's helpful to keep a running list of your must-have characteristics. Then, the likelihood goes up that you'll find something that matches your preferences as closely as possible. Also, don't forget to read reviews, especially those written by other eco-conscious consumers.

3. Get Eco-Friendly Air Quality Tips From a Climate Control Professional

Many people don't realize how many potential everyday contaminants may exist in their homes and negatively affect indoor air quality. For example, pet dander and dust are two of the many culprits. Luckily, an air quality professional can help.

Simply contact an HVAC professional in your area and mention that you'd like a consultation. Once a professional determines the most pressing issues in your abode, they'll be able to recommend the most appropriate technologies to clean your air. Make sure to bring up how eco-friendly options are exceptionally important.

Some of the suggestions that come from an HVAC professional could ultimately result in you using less energy in addition to enjoying cleaner air. For example, if the service technician changes your long-overdue air filter, that should have a purification effect, plus cause a change so that your air conditioner does not have to work as hard or waste energy to keep your home comfortably cool.

If you're ready to have better IAQ, these tips can help. You can put them into place without leaving behind your commitment to the planet.