Bathroom spaces are one of the most intimate areas where we start and end our day. They typically don’t get the best natural lighting and so need a lot of attention while designing them. Regardless of this, people end up giving little attention to the lighting fixtures in the bathroom. The lighting chosen for the bathroom space must be appealing and peaceful. A skillfully done bathroom lighting will create a relaxing and destressing spa-like space. Here are a few bathroom lighting ideas to make it look spacious and welcoming.

1. Bright Lights with Dimmers

Bright Lights

Bathroom space must be lit up brightly to use at any time of the day to do your regular business of shower, wash, and shave. To make this happen, you should install bright lights. However, this can appear too harsh when you want to sit back and relax in your bathtub. So for those leisure times in your bathroom, use dimmers. Bright lights with dimmers allow you to adjust the brightness and transform the bathroom to suit your mood. You can dim the lights for your morning routine without being hit by the bright light. For a night-time routine, the dimmers give a candlelight effect for a romantic and relaxing bath.

2. Mood Lighting for Ambience

The use of mood lightings is to create a soft and satisfying atmosphere in the space. Using warm or yellow lights sets the mood magically. Pendant lights are the right choice to get this effect. The best way to apply it is by choosing the zone to test it and then effectively use it to create drama. Install soft lights for a warm and cosy spa-like mood. Contact Drymaster systems while you’re in the mood to clean the bathroom & enjoy cleaning with great lighting ambience.

3. Layered Lighting

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is the technique of using three types of lighting to light up space effectively. Start with the vintage-inspired bathroom ceiling lights that work well in the vanity space. Then, depending on the function like shaving or makeup, use task lightings. Accent lighting like pendant lights, backlit mirrors, or profile lights can be useful to light up the bathroom features. All the lights work together to create a well-lit space.

4. LED for Energy Efficiency

LED lights are the most affordable, energy-efficient, and natural lighting choice. They are very convenient to put up for lighting. You can use LED string lights around the mirrors in your bathroom for a green room kind of look. Combine LED lightings with incandescent bulbs for textured lighting.

5. Task Lighting for Zones

A bathroom has a dry zone and a wet zone. You can further categorize into the vanity mirror, dressing zone, toilet, and showering area. Since you won’t be using all these zones at the same time, you require different types of lighting to cast light. Task lightings are appropriate in a bathroom, especially above the washbasin for brushing teeth, face wash, and shaving purpose. You can also use them on the vanity mirror zone.

6. Backlighting


The backlighting highlights the elements in the bathroom. They create a knockout impression when added to the room. They look cool when used in backlit panels and around mirrors. Backlit mirrors provide even lighting to your face, which is ideal for applying makeups, styling, or shaving. If you have any paintings in the bathroom, then backlighting it gives out a classic modern feel. Plus, backlighting an object creates a sense of depth as if the object is coming off the wall.

7. Recessed Lights for Focus Lighting

Recessed lights usually place downwards under a false ceiling. They help in lighting up the whole space as it casts downwards. They reflect light when placed above mirrors, jacuzzi, tub, or shower area. You can use a wrought iron chandelier for a soft glow effect over your bathtub. They are available in different colours too. However, avoid using recessed lighting above a mirror as it would throw intense, focussed light on your forehead and cast shadows on the rest of your face.


The lighting in the bathroom should primarily coordinate with the tiles and paint in the space. The purpose of task lights and ceiling lights must be to compliment you. Instead of cluttering all the lights in one direction, the bathroom lights must be evenly dispersed to avoid jagged illumination. Use opaque or frosted bulbs to prevent the shadow formation which happens on using bright bulbs with filaments. When choosing the type of lighting, make sure it’s soft, flattering, and comfortable to use at any time of the day.