Dental Offices

Handling patients and billing is quite a daunting process for many dental offices. Dentists often find it very difficult to handle the process, especially when patients are high. However, by following some essential tips, you can always ensure accurate and timely payment. Moreover, the online billing process has now sped up the process to a great extent. Most of the claims submitted online are nowadays get processed within 24 hours.

In this post, we share some of the best tips on dental billing solutions. These tips will make your dental claim support process easier and quicker.

1. Pre-authorizations

Patients always appreciate pre-authorization from the insurance company. The form is sent to the company by the dental office to get approval. Pre-authorization gives the patients and dental office the correct treatment cost estimate. It also eliminates the need to wait for payment and mail bills. Therefore, patients can do financial planning, and the dental office can also provide the right portion for treatment.

2. Eliminate Billing

A detailed treatment plan, including price details, will free the office from mail bills. The patient can be charged quickly after the treatment as he knows the total cost. The payment is collected on the remaining portion not covered by the insurance. Many services are covered, and there is no need to collect payment. Procedures covered include x-rays, examinations, and routine cleaning. Patients are also given a cash discount to motivate them to pay appropriately for the services.

3. Billing Insurance

Online filling of claims eliminates the need for paper bills and is a faster process. Double-check is also done for the accuracy of the patient name, date of birth, tooth numbers, and treatment performed. Ensuring all this information is accurate is essential to ensure the claim and payment process is completed on time. Plus, proper documentation of techniques like radiographs and periodontal measurements is necessary.

4. Payment Plans

Dental offices can also choose payment plans if patients cannot pay. Dental offices can set the monthly amount directly for the patients. The monthly payment may or may not include the interest amount. Plus, outside credit services are also a great option that lessens the financial burden of dental offices. A credit line is given to the patient upon a credit check, and interest programs are also offered.

5. Other Options

Dental office employees can learn the basics of billing through training programs. These programs help employees to get new ideas and learn improved billing methods. Outsourcing dental billing to a company is also a great option. Dental billing companies are experts in collecting payments, including division collections.

Final Tip!!

It is best to get the services of an excellent dental billing solutions company to handle the billing process adequately. Dental claim support is essential for all dental offices and should not be avoided.