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Complete Coverage of the Top 10 Wholesale Body Jewellery Websites of 2024

Exploring the Best 10 Global Wholesale Websites for Body Jewellery for Piercing Studios: Striking a Balance between Fashion, Excellence, and Trustworthiness

Regarding tattoo and piercing studios, achieving success as a professional relies heavily on finding trustworthy suppliers. These suppliers should offer the most up-to-date designs and provide a wide range of essential piercing jewellery supplies at competitive prices while maintaining consistent quality. Searching for reliable suppliers is crucial in any business, but in the body jewellery industry, it is an essential cornerstone for success. It is imperative to find a dependable partner to ensure the growth and prosperity of your business.

Piercing studios face the challenge of maintaining customer appeal while maintaining product standards and profitability. This article will highlight the top 10 wholesale body jewellery websites worldwide, focusing on meeting the unique requirements of professionals such as piercing studios and retail jewellery shops. We will examine the variety of products they offer, their pricing models, and their reputation as reputable partners in the industry.

This assessment aims to provide piercing studios with beneficial knowledge on websites that can assist them in finding a harmonious combination of style, excellence, and dependability. These three factors are essential for achieving long-term success in the piercing industry.

 Piercing China Wholesale Body Jewellery 

Piercing China

Piercing China, a new website specialising in body jewellery and located in Thailand, was created by an experienced individual who has worked in a managerial position at a renowned body jewellery company for ten years. Even in its early phase, Piercing China takes pride in its well-established professional infrastructure. Their main goal is to offer high-quality essential body jewellery at competitive prices. This is made possible by their strategy of selling jewellery in sets of 10 or 25 pieces, allowing them to offer more affordable rates.

Their range of body jewellery supplies is vast and caters to the needs of piercing studios. This consists of a remarkable variety of body jewellery crafted from 316L surgical steel and G23 Titanium, which meet the standards of ASTM F136 and Ti6AL4V ELI.

The title "Piercing China" represents the present truth, as most (90%) of body piercing jewellery sold worldwide is produced in China. Nevertheless, what distinguishes Piercing China is its transparent recognition of this reality. Their goal is to provide top-notch Chinese-manufactured body jewellery at authentic factory rates, eliminating the complications of direct transactions with Chinese vendors or the inflated prices often seen by competitors.

In addition, their minimum order requirement is only $99, and they offer a reasonable shipping fee of $30. Customers who place orders over $299 are eligible for free shipping through DHL. Payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers are accepted, and they provide a 90-day money-back guarantee for their products. It is worth mentioning that all orders are processed and dispatched within 24 hours.

Here are a few convenient links to their website for a quick and efficient way to browse the products offered by Piercing China.

To quickly navigate Piercing China's products, here are a few convenient links to their website.


Hollywood body jewellery 

Hollywood body jewellery

Since 2003, this company, operating out of Los Angeles, USA, has become a well-respected figure in the body-piercing jewellery market. Their dedication to providing cutting-edge body jewellery has gained them acclaim from experts across the globe, solidifying their position as the top choice for those seeking the newest trends in body jewellery.

Hollywood Body Jewellery offers various stylish body jewellery designs that align with current trends. This extensive product range suits piercing studios and body jewellery retail stores, providing fashionable options to meet their needs.

Hollywood Body Jewellery is committed to providing stylish products at reasonable prices. Although they offer discounts for bulk purchases, which can be advantageous for those with a strong purchasing ability, this arrangement may result in higher expenses for smaller piercing shops that cannot take full advantage of these savings. For enterprises that can buy medium to large quantities, Hollywood is an excellent choice for obtaining the latest body jewellery trends.

APM Body Jewellery 

APM Body Jewellery

Founded in 2001 and based in Los Angeles, USA, this corporation has established a unique position in the body jewellery market. While some rivals focus on trendy products, APM supplies crucial body jewellery for piercing studios.

While perusing the APM products, you will have a limited selection of trendy items for the current season. Instead, you will discover a dependable supplier of essential body piercing jewellery made from titanium and surgical steel - the fundamental materials for any piercing studio's stock. Their steadfast dedication to providing top-notch basics has established their standing among professionals in the industry.

It should be noted that APM provides price discounts, which can benefit customers with significant buying capacity. However, this pricing system may increase expenses for smaller piercing establishments that cannot fully utilise these savings.

APM Body Jewellery in Los Angeles, USA, is a reliable option for piercing studios and body jewellery retailers needing essential body jewellery suppliers. Rather than following the latest trends, their commitment to providing high-quality basics makes them a valuable asset in the industry.

Painful Pleasures

Painful Pleasures

Painful Pleasures was founded in Hanover, Maryland, in 1999 and has since made significant strides in the piercing jewellery industry. Although they started as wholesalers, the company has now transitioned to primarily selling directly to consumers through their website.

At Painful Pleasures, a wide selection of body jewellery is made with precision using top-notch materials such as 316L steel and titanium G23. This demonstrates their flexibility and strong dedication to satisfying the various demands of their clients. Although they prioritize retail, their origins in wholesale have given them a distinct point of view in the field, allowing them to effectively cater to wholesale and retail customers.

The conversion of Painful Pleasures' business model from wholesale to direct retail, aided by their easy-to-use online platform, has provided them with valuable knowledge. As a result, they have become a flexible and dependable option for those interested in body jewellery. Whether you are a proprietor of a piercing studio, a body jewellery vendor, or an individual seeking high-quality products, Painful Pleasures' diverse selection of items on their website makes them a beneficial partner to consider.

Body Candy

Body Candy

Founded in 2006 and located in Buffalo, USA, Body Candy has become a well-known figure in the body jewellery market. As the largest online retailer of piercing accessories in the USA, they offer a wide range of products.

Body Candy's primary goal is to meet the continuously changing fashion demands of those passionate about affordable body jewellery. With a wide selection of products, they offer the latest styles, making them a top choice for those searching for fashionable and trendy pieces.

Although Body Candy's primary focus is on the retail market, it should be mentioned that smaller body jewellery stores view them as a valuable supplier of fashionable items. This recognition highlights that Body Candy can cater to a wide range of customers, from individual buyers to smaller retailers searching for trendy piercing jewellery.

For individuals seeking the most recent developments in body adornments, Body Candy, situated in Buffalo, USA, emerges as a viable alternative. Their extensive range of options and commitment to fashion make them a persuasive source, particularly for those aiming to stay ahead in the style world.



Established in 2001 in Thailand, Achadirect has built a solid name for itself as a distributor of wholesale body jewellery. What sets them apart is their wide range of products catering to a global customer base, offering a unique selection.

One of their strengths is their dedication to offering a diverse selection of products, which makes them an appealing option for those looking for variety. However, it is essential to consider that although their regular prices may appear competitive at first, particularly when compared to suppliers in the US or Europe, including international shipping fees and customs duties can significantly raise the overall cost of an order. This aspect of international shopping may make them less financially advantageous than initially perceived.

If you are looking for a wide range of body jewellery, Achadirect, located in Thailand, is a notable choice. However, it is essential for potential buyers to thoroughly consider the total expenses, including customs charges, to ensure that they fit their budget and requirements.

Pierce Body

Pierce Body

Founded in 2000 in Bangkok, Thailand, Pierce Body has become a notable figure in the body jewellery market. The company initially focused on creating silver belly rings in its factory but has now broadened its product range to include various surgical steel and acrylic body jewellery.

Pierce Body has established a strong reputation for offering affordable body jewellery, making it a popular choice for those seeking fashionable options at a reasonable price. This makes them an ideal selection for retail shops specialising in piercings and looking for budget-friendly yet stylish options.

Pierce Body is dedicated to offering a wide selection of affordable body piercing jewellery. Similar to Achadirect, they provide an attractive solution for those looking for budget-friendly options and a variety of choices. However, it is essential to thoroughly assess all costs, such as shipping and customs fees, to fully understand the total expenses before making a purchase. This careful consideration guarantees a more knowledgeable and effortless shopping experience.

Salamander Body Jewellery at Body-piercing.com

Salamander Body Jewellery at Body-piercing.com

Salamander Body Jewellery was established in 1998 in Bangkok, Thailand, as a specialized factory for producing body jewellery. This sets them apart from other wholesale body jewellery websites, allowing them to provide a wide range of exclusive and one-of-a-kind designs.

Salamander, a 316L steel and Titanium Body jewellery manufacturer can offer exclusive designs with superior quality at affordable rates, specifically for bulk orders.

Despite mainly catering to larger customers, it should be noted that the factory may only sometimes have all ordered items in stock and ready for shipping. This may result in customers experiencing delays while waiting for certain items to be manufactured.

To summarise, Salamander Body Jewellery is an excellent choice for large customers who make significant purchases. Their dedication to creating one-of-a-kind designs and providing affordable prices, although it may require some time for production, solidifies their reputation as a reputable supplier of high-quality body jewellery.

Trending Jewels

Trending Jewels

Trending Jewels, located in the UK, has been a reliable provider of various types of body piercing jewellery to businesses worldwide for more than ten years.

At Trending Jewels, we take great pride in our wide selection of body jewellery. Our collection includes items made with Titanium and 316L steel, carefully crafted for durability and safety. Our range covers diverse pieces, including essential items such as belly bars, flesh tunnels, hoops, studs, plugs, stretchers, internal piercings, and nose rings.

In addition to body jewellery, Trending Jewels also offers services to meet the demands of tattoo parlours and body piercing businesses globally. Their wholesale distribution network covers international delivery, making them a suitable option for customers in Europe and other regions.

If you are searching for affordable wholesale body jewellery, consider giving Piercing China a chance. They provide excellent quality and the best value for your money when purchasing essential body jewellery.