Low on SEO Budget

Over the decades, online search and marketing have become common among many people. Online searching has become an essential activity in everyday lives. Almost all industries and businesses have come up with strategies to get some web presence, such as websites, among others. Each of these companies is competing for the top position at the search engine results page.

For the large companies that have been in the market for long, they have large volumes of data, many customers, and a good budget — thus increasing their chances of high SEO ranking. Luckily, even with limited resources and experience, it is possible to compete with these giant companies and get to the top of the SEO ranking. Below are strategies to follow to help give you an edge in the high competition.

Consider the Content that You Post

Ideally, you may assume that the more the content that you have, the more the traffic, thus a higher ranking. However, with the many blogs on the internet today, posting more content on your website does not guarantee you more traffic. Instead, Google chooses the blog, on the basis of various parameters, that they would love to give a high ranking, and the volume of the content is not one of the strategies that Google uses to get this. For this reason, instead of spending more time writing long content, use this time to make the site relevant to the potential customers, thus increasing the traffic. By increasing the traffic in your blog, you automatically increase the SEO ranking. Using WordPress LMS plugin will also help you create content relevant to your prospects thus increasing your earning rates.

Have a Specific Niche

More often than not, entrepreneurs work in many areas of expertise and post such content on their blog to try and lure more customers. However, as much as this seems like a good idea, it ends up causing more harm than good. If you aim to outdo the big companies when on a low budget, it is advisable to get one specific niche and work on that. For instance, if the niche that you choose is plumbing, give your prospective customers and blog visitors extensive information about plumbing. You can also consider being more specific on your niche, for instance, work on either indoor or outdoor plumbing. However, you can embrace machines learning to identify your audience and determine their expectations. This will help you to tailor-make content for them.

Strive to Increase the Clicks on Your Blogs

The links and the content that you have on your website determine the SEO ranking that you will have. However, for you to boost your ranking, there is more to having relevant content on your website. The click-through-rate on your website determines the ranking you will have. The more the people that click on your blog, the higher the chances of skyrocketing your SEO results. Requesting your friends to click more on your website to give you a good ranking is one way to improve the click-rate. However, this is temporary and will serve you only for a short time. Therefore, get other permanent and more effective methods such as having a good meta description and title tag to help lure more customers to your blog.

Update Your Content

The SEO ranking is a dynamic process, and it is possible to move from a high position to a low position. The demotion of your SEO ranking is not a penalty from Google but depends on the content that you have. Therefore, for you to maintain a high ranking position, you need to ensure that nobody posts better information than you do. In this case, if the content in your blog is old, there will be other blogs with better information than you do, thus taking away your customers.

Ensure that you renew your content as frequently as you can to make sure that there is always something new for your blog visitors. When you always have something new for them, they will regularly visit your blog, thus raising the SEO ranking. It is advisable to get somebody working fulltime and responsible for ensuring that the content on your website is recent. Opting for white label link building will also help you remain on top.

Create Brand Awareness

Unless your potential customers have an idea that you exist, they will not make an effort to search you online. For this reason, when trying to bring more customers to your blog to increase your search engine ranking, you need to make your business known to them. Therefore, get marketing tools such as advertisements, use of a logo maker to make attractive business logos, and banners, among others, to help create brand awareness. The more people know about your website, the higher the traffic rate on your blog.


Search engine optimization is what you do to improve the ranking of your blog on search engines. In the current high-tech world, the competition for a higher search engine ranking has become stiffer, making your way to the top easier said than done. However, with the right tips and strategies, it is possible to increase your rank in the search engines. Use the tips above to help you outdo the big and more experienced companies, even with a low SEO budget.