Let us first understand what is the Product activation? It is a mechanism to provide a certain set of defined support rights to your computer. It ensures the copy protection as the product key used while activation pairs with your computer. Microsoft introduced this in 2001 when Windows XP was released. Now with Windows 10 being the recent released OS, it comes free for the first year for those who upgrade it from previous releases Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1

How does the “Windows 10 Activation” works?

Previously, when you wanted to reinstall an upgraded version in your computer, you needed to first install and activate the qualifying version. For example, if you have upgraded your Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and for any reason if you have to reinstall Windows 8.1 on your PC then you have to first install Windows 7 and then only Microsoft allows you to install Windows 8.1 on your PC. However, with Windows 10 the case is different. Even if you have lost your upgraded Windows 10 from your PC for whatever reasons, you can reinstall Windows 10 without installing any qualifying versions. When you upgrade to Windows 10, you just save it in DVD to create a bootable copy of the same. You may save it on USB too. Your Product key remains saved in the Cloud Store. Your device gets registered in the Windows Product Activation Center. Whenever you perform a clean install or reinstall the product key gets verified from the Cloud Store Activation Server.

Check the preliminary requirements for a Clean Install on your PC.

When you perform a clean install there are certain things which you need to understand before going through the process. You cannot install the Windows 10 in the first attempt as a free upgrade while performing a clean install. You need to first install qualifying version first and then upgrade it to the Windows 10. Make sure to ensure that your upgrade is complete. Also, check that it is successfully activated. However, if you have already upgraded to Windows 10 and working without any activation issues and then want to perform a clean install for your reasons, you can directly install it. Use the saved copy of bootable Windows 10 Activation key in the USB or DVD wherever you have saved it. Follow the below steps for a clean installation.
  • Go to Start > Click on Settings > Click “Update and Security” > Go to “Recovery” > Now click on the Reset option and you are done with the clean Install.
  • However, sometimes it happens that Windows doesn’t get activated then you can restart, go through the same process and check the activation status again. Sometimes you need to wait for some days for it. Windows 10 gets activated automatically in many cases if it doesn’t show up instantly. Follow the below steps to check your PC’s activation status.
  • Go to Settings > Now press “Update and Security” > Activation

You will get prompts as soon as you click on activation and then you can perform the task as it is required.

How to resolve when Error shows up while performing Windows 10 Activation

There could be many reasons to get errors while activating Windows 10 in your PC. You might get errors like an alphanumeric code as an error.
  • Normally the errors get resolved on its own in a few days; if not then you can connect with Microsoft Support or call up for assistance.
  • You may sometimes need to check your license status where you can enter the product key for Windows 10 activation.
  • There is a force activation option too. Follow the steps for this. Get the command prompt by pressing Windows key along with X. Now type, slmgr.vbs-ato in the prompt and press enter; now exit from the prompt and restart.
  • The error could be the result of Volume license or retail buying. Check the kind of error and seek assistance from the Company.
  • When you run a nongenuine product, Windows 10 activation doesn’t perform correctly. For example, if you have purchased Windows 7 or 8, 8.1 from sites like eBay or Amazon there are fair chances to have a counterfeit product. This will not let you perform an error-free Windows 10 upgrade and further activation too.

Limitations of using MSDN or TechNet Product for Windows 10 Activation:

Let us first understand what is MSDN (Microsoft Software Development Network) or TechNet is meant for IT Professionals. Microsoft provides a license against a subscription fee to the enterprise or professional whoever wants it. The subscription fees are quite high, sometimes as high as $50 K to $60 K as it is a single licensed product and do not expire. However, MSDN or TechNet products are not to be sold again. These are meant for the buyer only, but people sell them. You will find such products on Amazon or eBay. They come at a lower price as compared to the price you pay to buy the original product. Now, when you use the MSDN or TechNet product, you challenges like activation errors. What happens is that the same products are sold to many buyers. When all the buyers start activating their MSDN Windows 10, the number of activations on the one product key hits the Windows Activation Server and they block it. Since the MSDN products are sold on an agreement to not to resell. So the Product Company, Microsoft is not liable to provide supports to the buyers or users of MSDN product. The result is, the end-user suffers from wrongful purchase; whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Windows 10 is the latest version among the Windows series. If you are buying a new PC, always try to buy a PC which has Windows 10 preloaded. In case you are already using the previous versions of Windows like, 7, 8 or 8.1 then upgrade it to Windows 10 which is free. Check your Windows 10 Activation to ensure proper functioning. Make sure to save your copy of bootable Product Key when you do it. This way you will free from any further hassles in activating Windows 10 in your PC.