Nanning City in Guangxi, China

Nanning is called the Green Capital of China for its lavish greenery and subtropical scenery. The city welcomes you with its crystal-clear lakes, green mountain peaks, and winding rivers. It is truly a traveler's Mecca. If you love to explore the more delicate elements of a city, you can meet the ethnic groups like Zhuang and other tribal communities as well. Nanning's folk culture will impress you.

However, it is essential to decide the best time to visit Nanning. The time between August to November is an excellent time to visit. To know more about this, you can check out Some of the popular tourist spots that you shouldn’t be missing out in include the following:

1. Nanhu Lake Park

You will find the park towards the south-eastern part of the city. It is known for its subtropical gardening landscapes as well as aquatic sceneries. Earlier this lake used to be a brook that got connected to a river. As you walk through the park, the tourists can have views of plants like Chinese fan palms and Pinang. You will also find a garden that has various bamboos and flowers. Make it a point to check out the inner gardens in the park as well as the Chinese herbal garden, where you can find more than 200 Chinese herbs. There’s also the bonsai and the orchid gardens.

2. Daming Mountain

This mountain peak is towards the north-east side of Wuming County. It is also at a distance of 104 kilometers away from Nanning city. The average height of the mountain is close to 1200 meters. The temperature stays mostly at 16 degree Celsius around the year. The mountain range gets impacted by the local topography and the Asian tropical wind. When you hike up to the upper mountain region, you get to experience a lower temperature of 8 degree Celsius.

You can see the clouds during the autumn, the waterfall during summer months, and snow in winter and fog in spring. The changing seasons bring new scenes here, which makes the visit all the more worthwhile.

3. Nanning People’s Park

This park got established back in 1951 and is known as "White Dragon Park." Once you step inside the gate, you can check several stone steps in front of you. Most people love to climb the stairs as a form of exercise. Once you reach the hilltop after climbing the stairs, you can have a panoramic view of the entire Nanning urban area. You will find an emplacement here, which is a history of more than 100 years. Inside, there is a vast iron cannon.

4. Longhu Mountain

Nanning offers you ample opportunities to explore the mountains. You can be there at the Longhu Mountain or the Dragon-Tiger Mountain. It was back in 1980 that this natural reserve came into existence. The modern elements to explore here include the Karst Mountain scenery and the rare herbs having medicinal properties. The scenic places here comprise of a stone forest, limestone cave as well as a place where you can feed the monkeys.

These are some of the critical Nanning tourist sites that you can check out. There are several others as well that you can add to your list.