The Beginning

New technology becomes a unique material of curiosity, fun, and subject of learning. When a new technology comes first in the market, we tend to buy or at least try it. Especially, drone for teenager and any other suitable ages is similar to this thought. While drone or quadcopter is above you and roaming through the yard, it can get stuck in the bark of a large tree. It becomes hard and failure to use the new technology. What should we do? How to get drone of tree?

Step by Step Guideline - How to get drone out of the tree

Read the whole article to know how you will get the drone on your hand again. Follow any of these steps:

Shake the tree:

It is the first idea that comes to our mind. Shaking the tree is the simplest way if the tree is thin only. You have to cuddle the tree with your hands. Then start shaking to make your drone come down. In case of larger tree, this option is unavailable. Obviously, it is not possible for you to shake a big or large tree.

Ladder shake Method:

It would be best if you had a ladder to use this ladder shake method. Pick a ladder and lean it against the tree. Then climb on the top of the ladder and hold the tree trunk carefully. This method is most suitable for flexible, thin type tree with the width within 14 inches. If it is more than that thing will be more complicated.

Climbing the tree:

This method is applicable for any width tree if you know the technique of climbing tree. A tree having twisted trunk is more natural to climb. You can climb up and down to get the quadcopter. For this, hold the first firm branch and start climbing to the bark where the device is stuck. You can use ladder to go up on the tree. If the tree is not sturdy enough, avoid climbing on your own.

Using a pole:

Using a lightweight, firm, and long pole to poke the drone and make it usable again. Pole made of fiberglass is ideal for this method. You can take PVC pipe with less diameter. However, whatever you choose should be burly. Otherwise, just few pokes, the top edge of the pole may break down. You can climb on a ladder and use the pole too.

Using a lift:

Ask your neighbor if they have any hydraulic lift or bucket truck. Using a lift requires at least two persons. One person will take you up with the lift, and later you will do the rest. You can hire the services who offer mechanical lift service. You may need to pay for that.

Using a slingshot:

At the age of 10, I was pretty much addicted to this; everyone does. Slingshot can pull the drone downwards to you. Just remember, you should not release the ball or bullet-like thing at a higher speed that may damage the drone. So, you have to careful what you are throwing. And if possible, avoid this method.

Using a fishing line:

You can use fishing line method too. Things you need are active fishing line and soft, sturdy object. Tie the string to around small object, can be a tennis ball or lower than this. Then find the place where you can see the drone without any obstacle. Now, keep the roll of string in your left hand and hurl the ball towards the tree. Then start shaking the branch and get the drone out of the tree.

Calling the Fire Department:

It’s the last method when you have urgency, and all these methods are unavailing to you. This won’t require any ladder or lift. Instead, the employees from the Fire Department will do the job. You have to make the whole problem clear to them. Otherwise, there could be further issues.


How to get the drone out of tree is a matter to think. These above methods are proven and very much useful. You are just a few steps away to get back the drone without any damages. Only apply any of them!