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Camping is one of the most favourite things or hobbies of people of all ages. From youngsters and teenagers to elders everyone love camping. It provides you with the facility to explore the world to explore nature. It is the best exposure that you can ever have to challenging the elements.

It allows you to breathe fresh air away from the smoky air of cities moreover the campiest experience to live in tents with nature. Some people are so much addicted to camping that they adopt it as a profession.

They know each and every aspect of this art but the one who is going for the first time on camping and doesn’t know what to bring while going on camping can have some trouble sorting out things.

You need to know the list of things that should be with you because if you don’t have that stuff your camping can turn into your worst nightmare and you will not enjoy which means you will have a bad experience.

No one will want to have a bad experience with such an exciting thing, so we are here to help you to prepare for camping. Just follow the list, and you will have everything you should have for camping.


When we talk about camping the first thing that came into our mind is a tent. Of course, this part is most important because camping doesn’t complete without tents and camp necessities. So you should have one efficient, portable and comfortable tent. You should have a mallet if you are going to have car camping.

Sunshade, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and a light air mattress are essential. You should also have travel pillows, folding chairs and pillows if you are going to have a car camping. The pocket knife should also be there if any need for quick cutting arises. A pocket Benchmade knives has various functions and can be especially useful in an emergency circumstance if you are a traveller or just go outside periodically.


When you are going camping that means you will not have access to any departmental store to buy stuff for eating. So you should be prepared with eatables and their ways to cook because you cannot rely on readymade eatables for ten to fifteen days.

You should have some freshly cooked meal and believe me cooking during camping is worth fascinating. So let’s start with a DIY camping stove and fuel so that you can cook fresh meals and enjoy nature. You should also have cookware and some necessary utensils to cook and serve the food.

The lightweight reusable water bottle should be with you with water filtration because you cannot carry as much water for the whole camping and to fulfil the need of water to drink and to cook the food you will have to take water from pools and ponds and then you will need to filter them before usage.

A light towel and soap for hygiene and a small cutting board with Muela knives should be in your backpack. We suggest these knives because they are made in Spanish style and can cut small branches, rope and also vegetables and meat.

So they will serve you better. And of course, how could we ignore food. Take tins or freeze vegetables and meat so that you can cook them camping.


The third most important thing that you should have with you is your clothes. As you are in travel and don’t have much space to accommodate your heavy clothes try to have the very appropriate amount of clothes with and try to have lightweight clothes so that you will not find trouble in carrying them.

Take your lightweight hat and packable waterproof and breathable jacket. You should have hiking boots and wool socks with you and of course sunglasses.

Try to have long pants and long sleeves shirts even if the climate is warm but who knows the night will be cold. Water shoes or sandals with a good grip should be in your backpack. 

Personal items:

You should have some personal care items with you for your hygiene because you don’t want to be ill during exciting camping but be selective with these items because if you have so many of them it will only increase your burden. So took the important one and left the others.

You should have toilet paper sunscreen with a lip balm containing SPF to avoid sunburn. Be sure to have bug spray and itch relief as they are very important to avoid bug stings or any irritations on your skin.

You should also have a hand sanitiser, toiletry kit and first aid kit for any emergency. Take some prescribed medications and painkillers with you.

Navigational tools:

Take some navigational tools with you so that you won’t misguide the track. You should have portable GPS, compass and map, chargers and aa lithium batteries, a map or a guide book, pen or pencil and a travel lantern to travel at night.


As camping Is for fun so should also have some tools of entertainment with you which includes binoculars, a camera, travel-sized board games, playing cards, fishing rods if you have any plan for fishing.


About Gloria Stokes:

Gloria Stokes is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs.