girl out

How many times you have tried to ask a girl out. It's a one time opportunity if want to make an impression you can't go wrong in the first place. You have to make your way and ask in the nicest way possible so that she can't say. Your first date isn't gonna happen like they do in movies, you have to take action and at the right time and occasion just ask her out! We have some tips that will make it easy for you to ask her out.

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1. Be confident about your self and know what you are gonna say to her.

It is not an easy move you always, always have to be prepared so that you don't mess up things in the first place. Practice what you are gonna say and make it clear. Don't be confused in front of her. Make it clear about your interest in her while asking her out, so that she doesn't think you're just hanging out as friends.

Ask her out for dinner, coffee or someplace nice (in which she is interested like a book store or a museum. if she likes it)

Make sure you use the "words will you go out with me as my date" so that she gets a clear idea. If you are a shy person, make it your advantage (some times a girl already knows that you like her!).

2. Be sure that she likes you too.

Don't just ask a random girl or anyone you think isn't interested in you in the first place. Read the body language, if she likes talking to you if she enjoys your company, if she makes eye contact with you. If you know that she too is interested it will be easy for both of you and your chances of getting rejected will be less. It is very important to know a girl's feelings before you ask her out. Don't confuse her kindness with attraction.

3. Dress up nicely.

You don't have to put a lot of effort into that but make sure you look nice. Be casual and stylist whatever goes perfectly with your personality. Don't dress too much or wear slabby cloths. Smell nice, use your best perfume. A nice pair of shoes will help you and make you better. If you put a little bit of effort in your dressing before asking her out she will think it's is important for you and she does mean something.

4. Ask her when she is alone.

Don't make it hard for both of you by asking in front of her friends or co-workers. That will just make her uncomfortable. Don't let anyone be the audience for your special moment. This way you will more confident and that results in good performance. Tell her that you need to ask her something and wait for you afterward.

5. Make sure she is in a good mood.

If she isn't feeling good or something is bothering her, the answer to anything anyone will ask her will be a no. Don't spoil your perfect moment because you were unaware of her feelings this will also send a message that you don't know her well. Once you are sure that she is in a good mood, do all the little things to make her feel special like send her flowers, a cute note this will increase your chances of getting a date.

Apart from the above tips, make eye contact and speak clearly. These were the best tips about relationship you could follow, and you will get yes for answer. Best luck for your date and do your best.