Himalayan Salt Candle Holder

Candles are the best decorative items for any place for many years. They provides the romantic glow to your place and works as a mood booster as well. Candles are best and antique décor items. Mostly candles are made of wax, with a thread inside it, that might be harmful in some cases but salt candle holders are very safe to use and they looks more beautiful and elegant because of their natural look.

Table of content:

  • What is salt candle holder?
  • Candle holders as the best home décor item.
  • Where to place salt candle holders?
  • Best Crystal salt candle holder designs
  • What candles you can use in candle holders?
  • Where to buy salt candle holders?
  • Benefits of salt candle holders?
  • Himalayan salt lamp vs Himalayan salt candle holders
  • What is Salt Candle Holder?

Salt candle holders are formed by the pure and natural Himalayan pink salt. They are directly mined from the Himalaya region of Pakistan. They features a unique and beautiful pink or orange hue. It may change according to the mineral concentration inside the salt. These candle holders are the essential component of every room whether your room is big or small, the glow of orange light coming from the Himalayan salt candles will instantly give you relaxing and comfortable feeling.

Candle Holders as the best home décor item:

best home décor item

Salt candle holders are the best décor item for any place. Their beauty is versatile and can easily adapt by any kind of interior designing. Most of the people prefer to sleep in the light. Himalayan salt candle holders are the best for this purpose because their light is not dark and annoying. They are serve to be the best night lights. That is because they create the light hue and their brightness can be adjusted.

Where to Place Salt Candle Holders?

Place Salt Candle Holders

These salt candle holders are the most beautiful piece of décor. You can place it anywhere in your house, your dining table to create a romantic candle light dinner with your partner. Place it in your office or study table for more focus and concentration. It will enhance the charm of your drawing room if placed there. This is the best present as well, you can gift it to your loved ones whether on Christmas or on their birthdays.

Best Crystal Salt Candle Holder Designs:

Nowadays, salt made candle holders are available in variety of shapes and sizes. These are designed in such beautiful and stylish way, that they can be adjusted in any place of your home or office. Like heart shape candle holder is best for your bedroom, it looks beautiful and give a romantic touch to your room. These candle holder almost fits with all standard size candles. Tea light candle holders are available with 1, 2 and 3 holes to adjust candles according to your choice and mood.

These candle holders owns many benefits like, warm and comfortable glow works as an antidote for your eyes. It can also help to release stress and anxiety and makes you feel relax and comfortable. Their beautiful and attractive light comforts and fresh your mind and can works as an antidote for your eyes.

What candles you can use in Salt Candle Holders?

use in Salt Candle Holders

You can place candles that are non-toxic and made of beeswax. These candles are safe for health as well. The paraffin wax candle are not safe as they release toxic particles in the environment. So beeswax candles are highly recommended. They contain no toxins, burn for longer and may release some negative ions in the air.

Where to Buy Salt Candle Holders?

There are wide varieties of salt rock candles available online on amazon and many other e-commerce store like wbm-international, eBay, walmart etc. To find the best value product, have a look at customer pictures and read the products reviews. Buy it from any trusted manufacturer, who offers customer support if you are buying it online. Just remember to use non-toxic candles made of beeswax inside these candle holders to get maximum benefits and longer burning time.

Benefits of Salt Candle Holders:

It is said that salt crystal holders may release negative ions in the air. It may help to freshen and clean the air you breathe and calm your nerves. Stress relief is the primary use of salt made home décor products either it is Himalayan salt lamp or salt candle holder. It is best if they are placed in massage rooms, doctor offices and counseling centers. They may help to brighten you mood with the help of their soft and amber glow. They might allow you to think positive and feel better in the depressed and stressful environment.

There are quite a few pros of having salt candle holder in your home or office.

Benefits of Salt Candle

Relief Stress and Fatigue:

Working in the office, away from the sun light in the day time may cause fatigue problems. Placing one candle holder right beside your table can help to relief fatigue. It reduces the electromagnetic pollution created by the office electronics and in result improves your concentration level. It may help to de-stress you and sleep better at night. It may also help you to awake fresh and happy in the morning.

Clear the Pollution and Improve Air Quality:

Some manufacturers and salt lamp and candle holder users believe that they might help to clean the pollution from the air. It improves air quality so that you can breathe better and clean air. Some people who are suffering with allergies or asthma problems reported that salt lamps makes it easier for them to breathe if it is placed around. It may also help season effective disorders (SAD) sufferers by brightening the environment.

Himalayan Salt Lamp vs Himalayan Salt Candle Holders:

Himalayan pink salt lamps look awesome if they are placed in your lounge, bedroom or other living spaces. As they are available in many sizes you can easily adjust them with your interior. While on the other hand you might need more candle holders to place them in the different places in your home. Himalayan salt candles may be looks more elegant if they are used for some special occasions like Christmas, thanksgiving or when you really needs to relax.