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Most people today quite often interchange the categories of mattress pads as well as mattress toppers. However, they are not typically the same or even similar in their functions. They are two distinct products with distinct features.

Pads are usually used to protect your mattress and provide a marginally additional degree of comfort or softness.

Toppers are specifically intended to improve the convenience of a mattress, on the other side. Thus, although they appear to be the same, they are designed for various reasons.

You pay for a higher level of convenience when you make a purchase. They are comparatively costly while pads are significantly cheaper. The distinction is defined by the thickness quotient. They are much minimal than pads. A topper offers your mattress only with decent security, while pads are good at that work.

In short, to safeguard your mattress for a minimal cost, you purchase a pad. On the other hand, you purchase a topper to improve the convenience of your mattress at a comparatively higher price.

There is a broad range of mattress toppers available on the market, and while they ultimately reflect your individual comfort preferences, several variables are needed to narrow the decision.

The mattress can flatten out over time and lose its comfort quotient. You can forget how comfortable it was before, as overtime one little bit each night is accustomed to the gradual downgrade. In some fields, it may be uneven and more compact (mainly if you do not frequently rotate it). You may even be at danger for the development of back pain over time (if you have chronic pain in your back, you might want to change your mattress completely, as your health should not be at any risk).

There are a few essential things, and you need to keep in mind for getting the most satisfaction from your purchase. Size is everything when selecting your fresh mattress, but all those choices and names and sizes can become quite confusing.

So we've developed a simple, easily understandable mattress size comparison guide so that you can compare mattress sizes and discover the mattress that is perfect for you. We will have you sleeping soundly knowing that you have made the best purchase.

First, we have the Single, with the dimensions 35.5″ x 75″. This kind of mattress is best suited for young children or even guest bedrooms, and if you are a sophisticated host and you like to save extra space, you can put two single side by side for a comfortable king-size bed for your guests coming over.

Second, we have the Small Double. It has the dimensions 47″ x 75″ and is best suited for teenagers, children, or even a single person with a pet, or just someone who likes a little bit of extra space.

Third, we have the Double, with dimensions of 53″ x 75″. Perfect for couples who like to cuddle in bed or work in a small bedroom.

Fourth we have the King, 59" x 79" for couples who like to spread out or even lay with a pet.

Lastly, we have the Super King, with the spacious dimensions of 71″ x 79″. Ideal for those with longer limbs and require more space when sharing with a partner or even a pet.

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