Tandem Bike Attachment for Your Child

Depending on your location, these bikes called by different names. Sometimes people call them trailer bikes, trainer bikes, tow bikes, and tag-along bikes.

Regardless of the name, these contraptions and attachments are a great way to teach kids the rudiments of cycling. It helps them when they've outgrown their child seats and want a little more participation in the activity.

A Tandem Bike Attachment for Child allows you to tether your kid to the adult bicycle. This unique accessory will ensure that they are safe while they are trying to learn how to ride their bikes.

It’s the perfect solution when you want to continue the tradition of going on a long ride with your kids, but they’re already too big for their child seat.

Here are the different types of tandem bikes:

  • Trail a Bike – This is an entry-level trailer bike that will fit most adult bikes. The trailer bike will be attached to the seat post. It’s sometimes called a co-pilot although the kid doesn’t do a lot of maneuvering. The trailer bike is designed like a bike but without the front wheel attached. The handlebars are attached to the steel pipe that is affixed to the adult bike. The child can move the handlebars from left to right, but for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t do anything. The Trail a Bike is best used for kids from four years old until nine years old.
  • Trail-Gator – This is also called a tow bar. One of the advantages of the tow bars is that you don’t have to buy a new child’s bike if you already own one. It’s designed to attach the whole bike behind the adult bicycle. Using a metal rod, you connect the child’s bike from your bicycle’s seat post. A series of braces will render the front wheel of the child’s bike immobile. While they can pedal, they aren’t enjoying the whole experience since the front wheel is not touching the ground.
  • Bike Attachment – In contrast, the Tandem Bike Attachment for Child from Trucavelo gives the best of both worlds. The child can enjoy the full experience of biking because the Swiss-designed attachment allows the child’s bike to be in complete contact with the ground. They can pedal their bike as if they are not tethered to your own. And if they are tired, they can just put their feet up and let you do all the hard work.

With bike trailers and attachments, you have peace of mind because you are aware of where your kid is at all the time. They can’t go driving off toward danger when they are not attached to you. Unlike when they ride next to you where they may fall into a ditch or hit by traffic.

The best thing about the tandem bike attachment from Trucavelo is that you can couple both bikes without the use of tools. You can complete the entire process in less than 30 seconds. Go to their website today to find out more about the handy tandem attachment.