Football is a great game, and so are its fans, they make sure to never miss any important match of their home/favourite team. As the popularity of football grows by the day, people are finding some interesting new ways of making the sport even more fun and thrilling.

Football betting is one thing that most people adopt as a hobby, while some experienced individuals make it their primary source of income as their expertise and earnings grow. But betting isn’t as easy as clicking on a possible outcome and winning the jackpot, but it takes the proper analysis of the situation before you make any moves. H2H (or head to head) stats is an effective method used by many experienced bettors to place some smart bets.

H2H Stats

H2H or head to head stats is the record of two football teams playing against each other. Usually, two different teams have to play against each other at least 2 times in a single tournament, and h2h stats are used to analyze and predict their performance against each other in the matches they played against each other in the past. Check the fixture today football online and see when each match of the championship will be played. These stats are used by experienced bettors to place some good winning bets.

Where Can I Get The Stats?

H2H stats are a hot thing these days, and many sites and social media platforms get loaded with this type of info before every football match, so, you can get them from any desired/ easily reachable source and get the info you need.

Social Media

Certain social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook are your best bet when it comes to acquiring the h2h stats of football matches. There are many YouTube channels dedicated to this cause, and all you’ll have to do is subscribe to an appropriate channel and you’ll get notified whenever they post new stats.

But there is a major drawback to using social media for football h2h statistics similar to Free NBA Picks. The channels aren’t an official way to get the stats, and your channel might cover only a few specific teams.


There are literally dozens of good mobile and windows based applications that you can use to directly get the h2h stats prior to any match. By using this method, you have the luxury of just downloading the app, and you’ll be getting the stats of all the selected teams without having to spend several hours searching for the right data.

Dedicated Sites

One of the best ways to get daily h2h statistics for football are the websites that are dedicated to this purpose. While you can also get these stats directly from some of the top betting sites, the content won’t be as well organized and correct as it is on the sports tips websites.

These websites are mostly used by seasoned bettors to get all the required info from a neutral source before making any betting decisions.

Why You Might Need The H2H Stats?

While the h2h stats and other football statistics are very beneficial for the bettors, they aren’t just made to help the bettors. Let's take a look at why you might need some h2h stats before every football match.

Give A Better Prediction

H2H stats are usually utilized to accurately predict the outcome of a football match. And unless other factors like weather or health of the key players come in, the predictions based on h2h stats are usually correct, so, you might need to check them out to make some predictions and surprise your friends with your football knowledge!

Calm Your Nerves

Some people are really enthusiastic when it comes to the football matches of their home/favourite teams, and sometimes the expectations are too high to be true. But this much thrill and adrenaline can prove to be bad for your health.

In situations like this, you can always take some help from these h2h stats to calm down your nerves and keep your expectations realistic depending on the previous record of the two rival teams against each other.

Place Some Smart Bets

Betting is one industry that has benefited the most from h2h football statistics. Bettors can often use this data and analyze it against the odds provided by their bookmakers to access the uncertainty of any football match.

A seasoned bettor would only place the bet if the odds are in his favour. And after building a good grip on these stats, you can use football accumulator bets to win big.

Save Your Time

Watching football matches on busy days can affect your work routine pretty badly. And some matches aren’t worth spending time on either, because the outcome is obvious.

So, in a match where the outcome is obvious (like a strong home team playing against a weaker club), you can use h2h stats to predict the outcome, and if it's obvious, you can save your time by skipping that match and using that time to do something productive.

Bottom line

H2H stats are one of the best tips for online gaming. The stats can be acquired from a range of platforms and sources like social media, certain apps and dedicated football websites.

H2H stats are much more than just a funny thing to look at. Experts, seasoned bettors, and football enthusiasts around the globe use them to access the final outcome of a football match that is being played between two teams.

You too can benefit by getting these stats from a proper platform, as daily stats can help you predict the football matches accurately, gain some in-depth information about all of your favourite football teams, and save your precious time by helping you avoid the matches easily predictable outcomes. And lastly, one of the major benefits of h2h stats is that they can help you place some good bets by letting you properly analyze the odds before placing the bet.