Moments During Cricket Matches

There is no doubt that the sports industry is huge and attracts many people all around the world. Cricket is not an exception. Cricket fans observe tense tournaments matches with great cricket players. However, it is not always a serious game with the demonstration of skills. Many hilarious moments happen during the games and the sometimes become as famous and iconic as demonstrated skills. This compilation will include the funniest moments that happened in 2014 and 2017.

We can check cricket fun moments and details on and go straight the top five hilarious moments that happened during the match:

1. Ishant Sharma Copies Steve Smith

This funniest moment happened in 2017 during the game of the 2nd Test of Australia's tour of India. After a few defeats in the tournament, Indian players were trying desperately to even the score. Despite several attempts of the bowlers, there was still no luck. In the moment of frustration, Indian cricketer Ishant Sharma started mimicking Steve Smith who is an Australian batsman. “Sharma” face has since become iconic and was all over the media. We do not know if Steve Smith liked but, but Virat Kohli found it hilarious and laughed on the field.

2. David Warner Giving the Shoe to Basil Thampi

The number two situation happened during the match between the Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Gujarat Lions in 2017. Basil Thampi, a bowler, was trying to stop the ball but failed. However, it is not the most interesting thing. In the process, he lost his shoe due to the intensity of the moment. What happened next was even better. David Warner without a second thought picked the shoe up and gave it back to Basil. The moment was photographed and became a popular joke since.

3. A Dog Interrupts the Match

Another hilarious situation that took place on the first day of the first Test between Sri Lanka and South Africa in Galle in 2014. However, it is not connected with the cricketers' skills or reactions. What happened is a dog ran out and lied down in the middle of the field. Several people tried to take it out, but as soon as they got near it, the dog ran away to a different place. Commentators were laughing as well as the rest of the audience. Even though some players were annoyed by the incident, this courageous dog became an internet sensation and had almost 2 million views on YouTube. Who needs a review of the match moment when there is the funniest dog on the field, right? It’s almost funny as when a cow interrupted the match.

4. Saha Trying Desperately to Get the Ball

This hilarious moment took place during the match between Indian and Australian national cricket teams on the first day of the third Test. The furious competition between the two teams was interrupted by the funny moment in the middle of the game. The ball, delivered by Indian player Ravindra Jadeja, got stuck between Smith’s legs after a sharp turn. Wriddhiman Saha though that the ball caught an edge ball and jumped on an Australian player, trying to receive a ball.

After both players fell on the ground, Saha claimed the catch out, finally getting a hold on the ball. However, Saha’s efforts did not help his team, as his appeal for catch out was declined after referees later figured that the hall had not hit the bat. Still, this hilarious scene made everyone laugh and became one of the most memorable funny moments in cricket in 2017. Even Ian Goud started laughing along with other players.

5. Kohli’s Funny Face

This funny moment took place during the semi-final match of the Champions Trophy. India and Bangladesh played for the right to play in the finals of the tournament. However, things did not go quite well for the Bangladeshi team. For around 100 runs, no wicked has fallen for them, right until Kedar Jadhav bowled out Tamim Iqbal. Soon after that, another quick wicket happened to Shakib Al Hasan. Then, Jadhav dismissed Mushfiqur Rahim, who was caught out by Kohli.

Kohli made a funny expression, sticking his tongue out. Of course, social media could not ignore that. Soon after the game (that was easily won by the Indian team), the Internet was flooded with funny memes about Kohli. The moment brought some humor to the rather one-sided game and proved that the Indian national cricket team is not only one of the skillful teams on the planet, but also one of the funniest ones.

To sum everything up, hilarious moments are an irreplaceable part of the cricket. During an uptight and tense play, only a dog on the field or a loose shoe can save the day.