Anyone who owns a farm knows the value of a trusty gate. It can protect your farm from intruders, and it can keep your livestock within the perimeters of your farm. It is also true that you may have installed several farm gates over the years – sliding gates, panel gates, and pipe gates are quite common in these areas. However, almost all types of conventional farm gates have the same problem – they always require you to step down from your vehicle, sleet or snow, to open them and lock them again.

Well, not anymore! As long as you have the right farm gate openers that allow you to bump them open while driving and close on their own behind you. Trustworthy manufacturers show that farm gates with bump-and-open capabilities are well-suited for keeping livestock in. These gates do not yield as quickly as the standard swing metal gates. They ensure higher safety and security to your farm and the farm animals.

Why are your farm gates important?

The gates that demarcate the beginning of one's farmland go through a lot of use and abuse. They withstand constant sun, rain, and snow. They also undergo months of manual opening and closing, not to mention the occasional pressure of holding back cattle.

According to our experience, metal farm gates with a bump and open feature fare best under rigorous conditions. Wood has been the choice of material for making farm gates for quite some time now. However, wood is nearly not as durable and sturdy as metal. Most metal gates are aluminum or steel. While aluminum is lighter and resistant to rusting, steel is definitely stronger and more durable.

How to make the opening and closing of farm gates easier?

If you are thinking of a bump-and-open mechanism for your farm gate, steel is the more sensible option among the two metals. Steel is tough enough to hold back free-ranging livestock and strong enough to withstand repeated "bumps" from cars, trucks and 4x4 drives.

Getting farm gates was once an ordeal. Farm owners had to design them on their own according to specifics of the frame or order them online (hoping they’d be the perfect fit). Local stores barely had a wide range of metal farm gate collection, let alone bump and open gates. Even when one could find these “automatic” gates, they would quickly back out after a brief glimpse at the price tag.

Farmers do not need exuberantly expensive gates for their properties. They need one that is cost-effective, convenient, and strong enough to withstand years of use. While steel is a good option, it is significantly heavy. Therefore, they are ideal for these bumps and drive gate opening kits we have been talking about.

Why are the bump gate openers well-suited for all farm owners?

These are products of extensive brainstorming, testing, and high-tech designing. These are ideal for bumping open with your vehicle. It is impossible to convert all existing farm gates into bump and drive models. Which is why you need to begin with the right set of tools and parts. The new bump and drive gates come with a PVC-sleeved arm for the bump. The soft covering on the outside ensures that you don't damage your vehicle bumper while opening the gate daily.

However, almost all manufacturers recommend taking a close look at your vehicle bumper before installing a gate like this. Attachments and rugged bumpers at the front of the vehicle can damage the gate or the car. Always ensure a smooth surface on the vehicle bumper if you intend to use this kind of a metal gate in the long term.

Which cars can use the bump gate openers?

Many people tend to believe that these swing-open gates are only for modern rail gates. However, you can install them on pipe rail gates and others. You can check out the different dimensions of these metal gates for the perfect fit. They should work for your RV, semis, trucks, pickups, and vehicles with trailers.

Many modern sedans and hatchback cars are quite low, and they only use a flimsy skirting around the front. The plastic skirting may not be strong enough to bump with against the gate. The sturdy but PVC coated arm can cause structural damage to the skirting. Always inspect your car front and talk to your gate manufacturers before installing a bump-and-drive gate when you have a new-age smaller vehicle.

How can you prevent the sagging of the bump gate on one side?

If you have noticed your metal gate sagging on the latch side from extensive use, you may be considering a wooden gate or a lighter metal at the moment. Nonetheless, heavy metal is the smarter choice if you don't want to step out in the pouring rain or 45-degree cold to manually open the gates. All metal gates tend to sag on one side with extensive use, and that is nothing unnatural.

The only way to prevent that is by offering the latch-side as much support as you can. The best way to do so is by using the gate wheels that come with the kit. They might seem like a bother if you don't have even ground. However, flattening the ground for more effortless movement is a long-term investment that will allow you to open and close the gate without stepping out of the car, ever.

How to extend the lifespan of your bump farm gate opener?

Always remember not to ram into the gates. Bump into the arm at a slow rolling speed. That will generate enough momentum to open the gates optimally for you to pass through with your trailer or SUV. It will also use the same impetus to close behind your back. Interestingly, this design uses no electricity. Hence it will not only be safer for you, your family, and the livestock, but it will also save you a fortune in the long run.

These bump gate opener kits have made lives of hundreds of farm owners more convenient. Not only do they offer better security, but they also provide more accessibility at an affordable price.