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Ever been in a lesbian relationship? No? Then you’ll want to know what you’ve been missing. Here are 5 reasons why lesbian relationships are amazing.

If you are new to lesbian dating you might be feeling a bit of apprehension, or should we say, fear. In life, we are conditioned to grow into a male-female type of relationship. This means that a lesbian relationship can have a bit of a learning curve at first. However, if you’re a veteran of lesbian relationships you probably realize that a lesbian relationship may actually hold more amazing opportunities and experiences than you could have ever imagined. And yes, lesbian relationships are different than any other relationship you’ve been in before.

Here are 5 things that make a lesbian relationship amazing.

Lesbian relationships are unrehearsed

As mentioned in the intro, we are by nature and society conditioned to have male-female relationships. In many ways, this is how we are taught. From boys asking girls to go out to prom, to holidays emphasizing the importance of men buying their female partner flowers and chocolates. So, when it comes to a lesbian relationship the rules are broken. Actually, they are obliterated. You can ask out whomever you’d like and not have to worry about stigma. You can also be asked out and not have to worry so much about the other person being a “creeper.” The reason is that all lesbian women have been in your place before. They have all been new to the scene and had to navigate the complex, yet comfortably easy and unrehearsed dating scene that leads to lesbian relationships. So, whether you find love wine tasting, at a bar, in the park, or discreetly through lesbian sexting, you don’t have to put up airs as to whom you can approach.

Lesbian relationships are often sexual in nature, but that is because lesbian sex combines emotion and touch which opens a new world of sexual exploration.

Partners are equal

Again, by nature men tend to be more dominant than women. This could be due to biology or the requirement that men play a more brutish stereotypical role in society. Even for women who tend to be strong and independent, this dominant-submissive role can have a huge impact. Though for most lesbian relationships those roles are often interchangeable and can change based on the situation or they may stay completely equal. For example, maybe while out for drinks your partner takes over the social edge, but when in quieter settings like a movie theater you initiate contact and mini kisses. Lesbian relationships are much like living with your best friend. You both know the tug and pull of your relationship and can easily play off each other. Neither of you is looking to fully control the relationship, nor are either of you willing to sit back and allow that to happen.

You have a partner who really understands

Have you ever decided to make a big life change such as going from vegetarian to vegan? Perhaps, you’ve suddenly found yourself overly emotional but can’t quite explain why you are crying. Women understand women. We understand our thoughts, desires, and emotions. We understand when we want to be touched and when we don’t. We also understand that sometimes when we say we want to be left alone we do, and other times we just want to be held. Being in a lesbian relationship means that you have a natural connection that a male-female relationship will always be without. So, when you are going through a bad time your lesbian partner has the ability to know what should be done. The same when you are over the top excited about what would otherwise not be exciting to a male partner.

Sex is about exploration

The average woman will probably tell you that sex with a man tends to have a more dominant partner who isn’t all too excited about making you excited. In fact, most male-female relationships have a selfish partner. So, yes, this is biological in nature. Men are designed to procreate as much as possible and while times have changed from the caveman days, attitudes, impulses, and behaviors still linger. However, in a lesbian relationship, those primate-like behaviors no longer exist. Lesbian sex is more exploratory and emotional than the wham-bam excursion you may be used to. Women have the carnal understanding to seek out the right soft spots. They know that a slight touch in one place will create as much of a lip-biting experience as making out. Exploration can expand beyond the bedroom by lesbian sexting throughout the day, short notes waiting to be discovered, and even in the way you walk or glance at each other.

You don’t need to explain what’s what

Do you know all those hair products and make-up strewn around the bathroom? Well, you and your lesbian partner know exactly what each one is for. That’s actually a big deal. And when you leave for the salon thinking about getting a little trim and highlights but come back with an entirely new hairstyle and blonde instead of brown, your lesbian partner will love it. One of the biggest perks of being in a lesbian relationship is that you simply don’t have to explain yourself or go into detail about the products you use, why you use them, or the reason why it takes an hour or more to get ready every morning. In fact, not only do you not need to explain yourself, but your partner is probably right there with you to transform your hair, pick out new interesting products or help to create a make-over for this coming Saturday night.

In the end

In the end, a lesbian relationship provides more of the things you love. You no longer need to put up a front or follow societies traditional roles. Sex becomes less about the ins and outs and more about exploring each other’s bodies and emotions. Dominant and submissive roles are fluidly matched and ever-changing. Your partner understands that you are not “crazy” but rather insanely sexy. And, perhaps best of all, your partner will not question your journey through life, but rather help bring you through it.

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Caitlyn Lowe is a lifestyle writer since 2011. Graduated from University of Florida in Psychology Major. She loves to write about lifestyle, human psychology, human behavior and relationship.