Extremely Delicious Lunch Ideas

When it comes to your office lunch, corporate catering is not only your best bet but also a healthy and practical choice. Office lunches act as a great reward for your staff and if you are looking for ways to build a good employee culture, boost their morale, or hire new talent for your company, there is nothing like it. An office lunch is perfect for boosting employee efficiency and performance. Today, it’s not extraordinary for big corporate houses to order office lunches for team members and appeal to their taste buds. In your case, catering delectable barbeques, tacos, organic salads, carnival food, and lean meats are not only healthy options but also recommended to boost employee focus or concentration.

According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.ca, eating healthy at the office is essential. According to eminent dietician Kiran Bains, 50 percent of your office lunch must include low-sugar food like vegetables and 25 percent of lean protein such as chicken, fish, lentils, eggs, tofu, or beans. The remaining 25 percent of the plate must include fiber-rich food such as quinoa and whole-grain pasta. Feeling hungry, huh? Here are 10 catered office lunch ideas that you can choose for your staff:

1. Grilled chicken sandwich

You can order some grilled chicken sandwiches, healthy flatbreads with a yummy touch of grilled chicken and mayonnaise. Make your office lunch more interesting with a burst of southwest flavours. These sandwiches are made by whipping up some natural herb mayo to give it a kick of flavor and seasoning, which an ordinary office lunch may lack.

Succulent grilled chicken breast, avocado, bell peppers, and melting cheese are sure to spoil your employees’ taste buds. Eat fresh and hot when served to get the crispy feel of the bread.

2. Organic salad

If you have an office with no one opting to use the gym, ensure that your catered office lunch sticks to some healthy, tasty organic salads. Tasty and beautiful, catered organic salads for your office lunch are hard to resist. Whether it is mouthwatering sundried tomatoes, crunchy quinoa, crisp veggies, or delectable dressing, these salads are both lip-smacking and healthy for your employees.

Additionally, you can add a zest of flavour to your salad with grilled chicken breast. Better still if you can treat your employees to a spicy southwestern salad of fresh herbs, crisp cabbages, tomatoes, and a rich creamy dressing. The salad will help to keep your staff eating habits clean as their dedication.

3. Roasted veggies and quinoa

If you are looking for something filling, satisfying, and nutritious, a bowl of roasted veggies and quinoa is your best bet. Delight your staff with a plant-based, healthy, and gluten-free lunch. The taste of tahini sauce, lemon juice, and two or three tablespoons of maple syrup will make your staff salivate. You can serve this item once a week, a healthy lunch item for your staff. Among many office catering options, a serving of this dish tastes flavorful, hearty with roasted quinoa and fresh vegetables together with a third ingredient, smooth rich dressing.

4. Barbeque

If you do not mind being a little muddled, a catered BBQ lunch for your office is your best bet. A BBQ serving is nothing but a family-style meal, bringing executives, managers, and team members all in the same place. A BBQ lunch with seniors and juniors will improve employee morale and motivation to work better. An hour of lunch will soon start to feel like you all belong to a one, big family eating and conversing together.

Give your catered office BBQ lunch a sizzling start with kebabs, sides, vegan delicacies, chicken, lamb, fish, pork, and more.

5. Finger-licking office lunch

Though many offices have fitness freaks and diet-conscious staff, there is no harm to savour their taste buds with some tasty, finger-licking food once a week. Total health should sometimes start beyond your body. Whether it is finger-licking chicken, giant collards, pork chops, or lip-smacking shrimps, these foods are sure to slap a big grin on your employees’ faces, from one department to the other. Can a cucumber salad do that? Who says that you cannot savour a tasty, lip-smacking office lunch sometimes?

6. Healthy but tasty lunch

Who says that healthy food always means something humdrum? You can opt for catered fresh poke bowls to satiate your coworkers’ hunger pangs, keeping them full for a couple of hours more after lunch.

Whether it is salmon, squid, a fresh tuna catch, or a fresh vegetable bowl, will keep your employees afloat past 5 pm in the evening sans an ounce of culpability to affect their productivity at work.

7. Thai curry noodle soup

If you think that homemade soup is a big no for your office lunch, the food will change your perception. Try this tasty and healthy Thai curry noodle soup. It will comfort your taste buds with rich Thai flavours, tofu, rice noodles, and chicken for meat lovers.

All the ingredients cooked together in a thick broth and delivered in jars or containers; need to be served hot. Savour this rich, delicious soup at work with your staff.

8. Waffles

A waffle makes great office lunch and is appreciated by all. Yes, you can surprise your employees at lunch with waffles. Toasted and warmed with a spread of homemade peanut butter over a waffle are sure to delight your coworkers. You can top waffles with granola, berries, and another waffle. Enjoy delicious waffles as one lunch item with your employees, making a sweet impression on all.

9. Yummy lobster rolls

Lobster rolls as catered office lunch will make everyone’s day at work. Your coworkers’ taste buds will thank you for this delectable treat.  If you're looking to get some lobster rolls for the office, Get Maine Lobster roll delivery can satisfy those yummy lobster roll cravings.

10. Cheese-dripping pizzas

A catered pizza lunch on a Friday does not harm anyone. Enjoy hand-tossed, cheese-burst pizzas topped with chunks of chicken, ham, veggies, and exotic spices. Do not forget to add oregano and chili flakes that come with catered pizza boxes.


Try these catered office lunch items to keep your staff motivated. Improve team bonding and productivity. Eat wholesome, mouthwatering lunch together!