The lottery has long been known as a game of luck. But is it just that? Are there no factors that we can control? That’s where most people go wrong. They leave winning to the stars and hope to get big money by just playing their lucky numbers.
Luck is undeniably essential, but there are some strategies you can use to enhance your chances of winning. Nowadays, online lotteries like SuperEnalotto and Lottoland offer millions as prizes, and you can play them from the comfort of your home.

The SuperEnalotto is known for rolling over its prizes when no ticket with all six matching numbers appears. In May, the prize rolled over to €156.7 million. So what strategies could you use to win this massive prize?

Form Syndicates

Syndicates have been used for the lottery for decades now. The simple idea behind a syndicate is that a group of people (friends, family, neighbours, co-workers) where each buys a certain number of lottery tickets, play the lottery together. If any of them win, the winnings are split in a predefined manner. 

Several syndicates are just casual, while others draw up legally binding documents. A large percentage of lottery winners belong to syndicates.

One could argue that the payout would be much lower in a syndicate. This disadvantage is trumped by the fact that the cost of playing is small and the chances of winning are huge.

Heeding Statistics

The lottery system is based on numbers, which means that it is subject to statistical and mathematical observations. Several lottery winners have won because they have done careful research about past winning numbers and trends.

For instance, you can easily find information like which are the most drawn and least drawn numbers. Based on this, you could either choose to play a number that is drawn often or play a rarely-drawn number which could be overdue for a long time, giving you a big win.

Integrated Systems

The integrated system is the most popular among players of the SuperEnalotto. Here, instead of choosing 6 numbers from a set of 90 for each line, players choose a larger pool. They play every combination of those numbers, without duplicating. These combinations are the entries.

This system covers subsets of numbers. You may not win the lottery, but you can definitely win a few of the smaller prizes.

Buying more tickets

This is the most obvious and common thing that most lottery players ignore. Playing with one ticket diminishes your chances significantly. Even two or three tickets could give you better opportunities and maybe second-chance prizes. The only sure-fire way to increase your chances is to buy more tickets.

Choosing numbers online

Many players prefer to let the site choose numbers for them. They believe there is an algorithm that increases the chances of winning by machine-generated numbers. This is also an excellent way never to miss a draw. The website will probably notify you when a draw is happening, and you can participate.