chimney clogged

If you plan to go on holiday, well done and have fun. But, before you go, there are a few tips you need to consider as soon as possible. Here we will be focused on recommendations regarding fireplaces and chimneys. All homeowners having both or one of the two need to perform the tips we will explain below. The tips are obtained from professionals at Pro-Tech Chimney.

Check if the chimney is clogged.

chimney clogged

Chimneys can get clogged easily, and once they do, the smoke won’t be able to travel up in the air. That’s smoke, which is toxic, by the way, will stay trapped inside a house.

All you need are a few minutes to inspect the system, but in the same period clogged chimney can foil your house with smoke, and you will have a severe problem.

Keep all the items at a safe distance from a fireplace

It is another mandatory tip we highly recommend. All your items, tiny and fluffy ones, have to be a few feet from a fireplace. This is mandatory to prevent risk from catching fire, causing severe damage to your home, and possibly catching fire. Remember that this tip refers to fireplaces with an open flame, not fake fireplaces.

Install a screen

We refer to the screen or door system in front of a fireplace. This is done to prevent sparks from reaching inside the room and possibly causing a fire. On the other hand, we can see that they are very affordable and they can be installed within minutes. But they are instrumental and something you need to consider as soon as possible.

Do not fear loose clothes while using the fireplace

It may sound like a well-known tip, but many people make this mistake, so we had to mention it here. The goal is to prevent the cloth from making contact with fire and, as such, causing injury or worse. Always wear tighter clothing while operating a fireplace. It is beneficial and essential and can help you stay safer than you may believe. 

Drawback? There are no.

Install a smoke detector

A smoke detector should be installed at any part of the year, and it should help you detect smoke as soon as possible. We liked these small gadgets, and we believe they are life savers.

During the holiday season, you need a smoke detector even more. A few friends and drinks will put you in a great mood but also make you forget a lot of smoke or related threats. A smoke detector won’t forget, ever.

A clean Chimney means a Safe House.

The best thing here is that you can use these tips throughout the year, at any given moment, but you definitely need to use all 5 tips during the holiday season. In return, you, your family and your home will be a safer place, period.