A programmer who can build Salesforce applications across different PaaS (Platform as a Service) platforms is known as a Salesforce developer. The various tools used by the developer are Apex, Visualforce, as well as frameworks like Lightning components for building apps.

Why Salesforce?

Before Salesforce came into the picture, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was hosted in the company’s system. But Salesforce changed the whole business model.
  • It is faster than traditional CRM software.
  • It is very easy to use. Now you spend more time using it and less time figuring it out.
  • It is very effective. It can be customized based on various business needs.
  • As it is fully based on the cloud, it can be accessed through the internet from anywhere.
  • It integrates easily with 3rd party apps. This is a crucial factor as with other CRM, it is very difficult to integrate. Whether it's your Gmail account or your accounting software, you can easily integrate it with Salesforce.

What skills are needed?

Apart from the certification which is becoming very important in this sector, there are some other skills which can give you an added advantage while pursuing this role.
  • Communication skills: Communication turns out to very essential, whether you are showing your customers how the app works or coordinating with your team members.
  • Problem-solving skills: Problem is a part of every developer’s life. While developing, there are chances of problem to arise in almost every stage of development. Coming with problem-solving skills can be of great help while manifesting these problems.
  • Interpersonal skills: Coming with interpersonal skills makes you a good team player.
  • Analytical skills: This skill helps you in analyzing the need of your clients, helping you to design the appropriate software.

Roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce developer:

The exact roles of a Salesforce developer are usually based on the type of organization one works for. Some of the typical job responsibilities of a Salesforce developer are as follows:

Testing and Implementing

Salesforce developers play an important role in leading and implementation of software development efforts. It includes various aspects like coding, configuration, maintenance, installation, testing, and debugging, along with managing timelines and producing technical documents.

Helps in creating customer workflows:

Developing complex CRM solutions becomes very vital for an organization to ensure best practice. A Salesforce developer works closely with the business team, thus providing the best data solutions. This is followed by discussing tradeoffs with other teams, which includes mapping the functional requirements to Salesforce functionality and checking the terms of the configuration against the code in place.

Maintaining user roles and security:

The Salesforce developer has to make sure that there are no security breaches, which can be a threat to the company’s data.

To provide technical plans to business teams:

It is the responsibility of the Salesforce developer to come up with solutions to address any company-wide issues. And to fulfill this, they create technical plans and strategies for various departments and the IT team, thus making the process more efficient.

Conducting workshops:

Workshops play a vital role when it comes to team building. To create better bonding and to create solutions with wider business goals, Salesforce developers organize workshops for various teams of the company which not only brings the team together but also gives a detailed understanding of the requirements and identify the gaps if any in the existing system.

Why Salesforce Certification?

The current job market calls for the need for professionals with extra skills. With the increasing competition, where everyone is striving hard to get their dream job, it becomes very important to add something to your resume, which makes you different from others.

Among the many certifications available in the market, there is one which is much talked about- Salesforce Certification. The best part about this certification is that it consumes very less time and also displays your competencies in the best way possible.

With the increasing use of CRM system in the companies, most of the top-notch companies are in the lookout for professionals who are skilled in the Salesforce domain.

The certification brings in a lot of value for professionals like system administrators, architects, developers, and sales operations. After qualifying this examination, you can head over to Advanced Administration certification which will take you to a whole new level. Having this certification has got a number of benefits. Lets’ look into a few of them:

• Facing real-life situations:

The Salesforce certification course gives you the opportunity of gaining hands-on experience. The industry-relevant live projects, case studies based on real-life situations are usually done under a 12-hour duration, which gives a lot to learn practically. It is followed by 20 hours in class lab practice.

• Efficiency in account planning:

It makes you a better planner. With a deep understanding of the field, you become efficient in handling customers and prospect request with a more rapid efficiency than before.

• Better analytical skills:

Coming with the certification, you will get a better understanding compared to your peers in the latest trends in sales as you will be having a detailed insight on the trends.

• Becoming mandatory:

Most of the job descriptions related to Salesforce, mention the certification. If you are determined to work in this sector, then salesforce user training and certification is a must for you.

• In-depth knowledge of the domain:

With the certification, you will be enhancing your insights in sales and customer relations. You will also become acquainted with various tools which you have not heard before, even when you thought of yourself as an expert in this field.


With the advancing technology, IT companies are facing scarcity for highly skilled technical workers. And this gap is increasing in some major areas like Salesforce developer. The Salesforce ecosystem is evolving at a faster rate, and those who can ripe the opportunity and upgrade their technical skill sets can look out for better job opportunities than their peers.

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