Philosophy Assignment

People do not respect philosophers like they used to. However, a decent philosophy paper can still get people talking. The key is to find the right subject.

The objective of a philosophy assignment is to present something other than an idea. Instead, you need to give an idea and then defend it. Your defence must be accompanied by proof. Many assignment help services can help you write your assignment in the first place; just look at guys from copy crafter.

This is why your choice of topic matters. If you identify a topic you need help understanding, you will succeed in defending it. Of course, your audience matters.

Philosophy papers only draw interest when they tackle subjects people care about. If you have a philosophy assignment on your hands and you need a topic of note to explore, consider the following:

1). Euthanasia

Euthanasia refers to the practice of ending the lives of individuals who are tired of suffering. The idea of assisted suicide fascinates people because it brings into question the oath doctors took to do no harm.

You have countries with doctors who are helping patients commit suicide. Even though the patients in question have consented to their deaths, you could write a paper questioning whether doctors are crossing some moral or ethical line by participating in this practice.

2). The Ethical Aspects of Abortion

Abortion is an issue whose relevance seems to grow with each passing day. And the arguments keep involving. A lot of people look at abortion from a moral standpoint.
You also have camps that approach it as a human rights issue. If you were so inclined, you could write a paper on the ethics of abortion, a philosophy assignment that tries to determine the point at which life truly begins and whether the intentional destruction of a fetus is acceptable or ethically reprehensible.

3). The Social Contract

The social contract refers to a hypothetical agreement between leaders and the people they rule. It can also refer to people's duties and responsibilities towards one another.

The notion of the social contract matters more now than at any other point in history because globalization keeps pushing people worldwide to perceive one another as a single tribe or nation.

And yet, so many people in the West live isolated, individualistic lives. You can write a paper that questions whether the social contract has a role to play in such confusing times.

4). Happiness and Morality

Society in the 21st Century keeps arguing that civility and honesty are essential to success. Children are taught to be kind, watch out for one another, and help their fellow man.

You could write a paper that tackles the fact that only the morally corrupt of society ever seem to prosper. You could determine whether good morals are necessary for a happy life.

5). Torture and Security

9/11 introduced the war on terror. Terrorist threats have multiplied exponentially over the years. While some voices have argued that civility and the rule of law must be maintained even in the face of brutal terrorist attacks, others say that unsavoury methods must be deployed to keep people safe.

You could write a paper querying the validity of torture, whether it is a waste of time or if it is actually the sort of necessary evil that must be committed to safeguard democracy.

6). Video Games and Morality

Do video games influence morality? Can they compel individuals to cross moral, ethical and legal lines? These questions matter today because gun violence keeps rocking communities in the West.

Some people have revived the suggestion that aggressive entertainment avenues like video games might be to blame. Others argue that video games are merely a smokescreen the people in power are using to hide the inadequacies of the systems in place.

7). Scientology and the Law

Is Scientology legal? It is recognized as a religion and enjoys all the perks and freedoms associated with that classification. However, Scientology has come under fire for some of the stories of its oppressive practices that former members have told.

Is it time to outlaw Scientology, or are their most questionable practices still protected by the law?

There are so many topics that you could explore for your philosophy assignment. You just have to make sure that you identify a subject with which contemporary audiences can relate.