Construction Management Books
Construction Management Books 

Research as much as possible is one of the primary keys to success in any career. The research involves everything from the start to what it takes to make it in that field. You can look almost everywhere for the information you are searching for, but books are the authentic and best resource for field study.

We all are devoted to research and analysis and suggesting the best products. Construction management is a complex and continually developing field. To be a brilliant construction manager and remain spirited, you must understand construction fundamentals, project management, leadership, and a detailed grasp of local laws and building codes.

You must be planned and attentive at every step of the process. You must always be current on trendy and traditional Industrial Construction management strategies. There are plenty of helpful construction management materials to select from.

Look at the 9 of the best construction management books in 2019. All these are excellent construction books for beginners and experienced construction experts to study construction management.

1. Introduction to Construction Management by Fred Sherratt:

Everyone must start with something. This book is a beginner's complete guide to construction management that involves the main concepts you need to know with examples and different perspectives.

2. Construction Project Management: A Complete Guide by Alison Dykstra:

This complete guide is the deepness of the construction management project. It also answers any common queries when you start researching construction management.

3. The First-Time Manager 6th Edition by Jim McCormick, Gary S. Topchick:

In this book, you will find different strategies for managing the new management roles. This textbook contains topics that a manager will face. It is an excellent complete guide to understanding the responsibilities in management. This textbook is one of the best-selling books on construction management.

4. Construction Management Jumpstart by Barbara J. Jackson:

This is the right book for you when you want to speedily track your construction management career. Construction Management Jumpstart is worth reading because it was written by a construction management expert. This book involves essential details to consider project costs and ensure project safety.

5. Modern Construction Management by Frank Harris:

Modern Construction Management is the complete guide and a great resource to utilize. This book covers the basic concepts of construction management and methods along with examples of the natural world and provides solutions. It also continues to update with new industry trends. This book is considered to be the core of the construction management studies.

6. Construction Business Management by Nick B. Ganaway:

This is one of the best books in construction management. When you want to succeed in anything, you must learn from your mistakes. This complete book gives you lessons about sound and the bad so that you can gain profit. The author of this book has more than 25 years of construction business experience.

7. Building Construction by Gang Chen:

Building Construction by Gang Chen is a complete guide that includes project management, construction administration, detailed tips, schedules, checklists, specs, drawings, and secrets. This book will help you with excellent tips on construction management and provide a base for understanding the field. Case studies in this book are the most significant tool for resolving field issues.

8. Running a Successful Construction Company by David Gerstel:

In this book, you will find extra practical information from experience. This book will help you break down the challenges you will face in construction.

9. Successful Construction Project Management by Paul Netscher:

This is another complete guide for practical tips to help you with construction. If you want to stop the hidden difficulties of construction management, this book will assist you.


Construction management is a very vast field. All the books listed above are on construction management, project management in construction management, and other management skills. All these books are the best construction management books for beginners and skilled professionals to learn construction project management.