Many of us are suffering from different problems like obesity, anxiety, stress, depression and some other problems. Some handle them at home while some go to some counselor to get advice about their problem. Experts like Tony Robbins has made the self-help industry so popular and some people are now turning to life coaches to get solutions to their problems because this is what a life coach does.

Counseling has been a popular methodology to resolve such problems which an individual who couldn't handle it by himself. It has proved itself effective in thousands of cases. Counseling emphasizes on past of individuals and extracts the solution of problems from the past. It helps people to move on.

For example, individuals who are not satisfied with their life, and get into depression due to their job, personal problems, places of work or relationships, or they are stressed due to people around them need counseling. They need counseling because at that point, people become too much frustrated that they can't even think a little positive.

King of Prussia counselor can help their clients through talk therapy. They show that they are understanding why their client is upset and depressed. Talking with their clients and discussing their emotional past without judging them, help their clients to overcome the depression. They start showing positive behavior.

Life coaching is something different than counseling. The main difference is that counseling helps people to come out of depression while life coaching helps people to achieve their life goals. Life coaches present their clients with a series of tasks in a specific period of time so that the clients fulfill them and feel it interesting to reach their goals. In this way, they will also be able to overcome their traumas about their life. They get help to read about their confusions and they trust the person who is guiding them.

Examples of individuals are present, who felt much better after life coaching sessions. A life coach focuses on all positive and negative aspects. This procedure clarifies everything positive or negative. Esther Jno-Charles explained this procedure with the worlds that, "whatever is being focused on is going to expand".
Some life coaches faced issues and said that some clients are so stubborn that they stick to their past and don't try to move on. But clients said that a life coach has nothing to do with their past, they should only focus on their job. Clients said that when a life coach asks about their past, the things that they tried to forget, hurt again.

Both counseling and life coaching have their strengths and drawbacks as there are a lot of things to say and both have many different concepts. Counseling mainly focuses on the past of the client while life coaching has a concern with the future. What you chose, depends on your goals that what you have to achieve and from what you are trying to get rid of.

If your past is affecting your current life, then you have to meet a counselor, while if you are facing problems to achieve your goals or to move on in life, you have to find an online life coach.